F & S Day 10 09/09/11 - Vineyards Everywhere

We had a great night sleep last night on our beach campsite, and were ready for our 4th century-mile day.

We rolled out onto some big hills to start and were glad they were at the start of the day as the temperature was reasonable.
After a few hours of steady paced riding the temperature was well up again; I imagine above 30'C, but we didn't see an actual recording of it anywhere.
We stopped at a boulangerie and a supermarket to get stuff for lunch and then sheltered from the sun in a McDonalds patio area, while we wolfed it down; we had done a good 60miles by lunchtime and the legs were feeling it, so we needed a decent break.
We trucked on down what was now a busy road after lunch, and in the distance the Alps began to loom into view.
After making a brief stop to get some dinner stuff and some gas we then did the final 20miles or so to the town of Nyons. Passing through masses of vineyards and seeing Mount Ventoux to the south of us, those last few miles were actually some of the most enjoyable of the day, with a cooler temperature from the setting sun.
We found a half decent camping spot just outside Nyons, pitched up, cooked dinner and had a wash in the river.

Satisfied with another century day - the fourth in a row!


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