F & S Day 8 07/09/11 - Tree Lined Roads

The century day: 104miles. Probably one of the easier centuries that I will do, but it still had its challenges.

The day started out with another clear cold morning and riding on almost deserted D-roads in the foothills of the Pyrenees. As a result it was still pretty lumpy and the legs felt it quite a bit after yesterday's trials.

After about 30miles though we got onto the C roads and passed through some beautiful little villages that seemed very tranquil, although my muttering of curses when I got a puncture in one slightly changed that momentarily.

By lunch time we were making good progress and had 50miles logged when we stopped to munch on some huge baguettes, ham and wild figs.
The first few miles after lunch were a bit of a slog on bulging stomachs, but eventually they settled down.

Leaving the foothills behind and reaching the flatter plains of the south we had a strong tail wind to push us along through the tree-lined, empty roads.
We passed the hill top town of Montreal and kept speeding towards Carcassonne. We were clocking up a good 25mph plus as we ran into the ancient town and the miles seemed to fly by.
In Carcassonne we stopped in the walled old town to have a break and a wash in the fountain. Then it was time to rack in the last 20miles or so. We hit a reasonably deserted road, which had been freshly tarmaced (for the Tour which passed down it in July I expect); and managed to get some serious pace on with the wind behind us. We finally got to Olonzac and despite some mapping problems found the lake by about 7 o'clock. It was quite a secluded spot with a sailing club and a huge lake.
We pitched up and cooked a huge dinner of pasta, before going for a swim to freshen up from the long day.

Finally we seem to have made it to the Med!


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