An Autumn Heatwave and New Training Plans

Saturday brought a change of surroundings and a change in routine as I headed back to University and to the new house in Leamington Spa. The change seemed odd for a number of reasons; firstly, and rather expectedly was the shock of routine. I've been away since mid-June, and although I had a good few weeks working on the Isle of Wight and continuously slaughtering myself on the bike in France and Spain, it certainly hasn't seemed like "work" or any routine of sorts.
Secondly is the weather. On Saturday it hit 30'C in Leamington; the hottest ever recorded on an October day on record! It seemed odd coming back in the middle of the "Indian Summer" when last year my arrival at Warwick was accompanied with torrential rain.

The change of location brings with it a change in training on the bike as well. Every day I'll be cycling the 8 mile to and from University, and hopefully trying to build a bit of training into that time as well. This morning I managed to get out for a good 90min ride on the familiar rolling hills of Warwickshire, before a quick lunch, then a cycle into Uni.

Highlights of the next few months include the BUCS Hill Climb championships at the end of October, as well as the BUCS Track Championships in November.
There is also a Triathlon Club trip to the Velodrome in Newport in November which should be great fun as always.
Apart from that I'll be squeezing in training around my studies and trying to get out for a decent length ride at the weekend. Preparing myself for the onslaught of academic work that is about to come my way is slightly daunting, but I'm sure everything will fall into place as things become more settled - bring it on I say! :-)


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