Strength and Agility Training Workout

This is my 'Power and Agility' Workout Plan. It's a good indoor workout that can be done without much equipment and should help to improve core muscle groups and power output.
Some of the exercises and photos in this post come from a Cycling Plus article 'Off The Bike Power Workouts' [Link], whilst some of them are exercises that I have learnt in other fitness classes.

4 sets of Bunny-Hops
(Crouch down, knees bent, one foot in front of the other, fingertips touching the floor. Then with as much power as possible spring upwards and land with your feet in the alternate position. Repeat this alternation for one minute; that is one set).

Main Set:
3 Sets of One Leg Bridge Changeovers
"Lying on your back with your knees at 90 degrees, feet flat on the floor and arms by your sides, lift your hips and tense your glutes. Then lift your left leg, tense your right glute and hold for two seconds. Switch legs and repeat for 30 seconds - that is one set." Cycling Plus

4 Sets of Step-Ups
The classic workout class exercise - One set is a minute of as many step-ups you can manage. Then a 30second rest before repeating.

4 Sets of Press-Up Hold To Knee
"In a press-up position, tense your glutes and lift your right knee to your right elbow, keeping everything in the plank position. Then take your right foot back and straighten it. Just before you touch the ground, tense your right glute and change legs." Cycling Plus.
Repeat 10 times on each side = 1 set.
2 Sets of Depth Jumps

Step off a 50-70cm high box or stair and jump up from both legs as high as possible. “Quickness off the ground is the key to this drill,” says Andy. “React as though the ground was covered in burning ash and you had no shoes on.” Repeat five to eight times. Cycling Plus.

4 Sets of Scissor Kicks
I do this exercise in two different ways:
Traditional: Lie on your back, hands flat on the ground with your palms facing upwards. Lift your legs 50cm off the ground, then with a quick action lower your leg towards the ground, until the point that it just about to touch, then return it to its raised position. As soon as the first leg is returned to the raised position repeat the movement with your second leg.
Cycling Rotations: Lie on your back, hands flat on the ground with your palms facing upwards. Raise both legs to a 45degree angle. Then as if you were riding an imaginary bike pedal as quickly as possible, trying to keep your legs at the constant angle.
As one set try and maintain the exercise repetitions for one minute, then take a 30second break before repeating. Try to keep your abs tensed throughout the exercise and feel your hamstring and glutes working.

4 Sets of Rowing Sit-Ups
Sit on a mat, with your knees bent and feet raised slightly off the ground. Put your arms out straight either side of you in a cross like position. Then in one movement stretch your legs out in front of you so that they are just a few centimetres off the floor, lean back and move your arms (still straight) so that they point towards your toes. Hold for one second, then return to the upright position. You should feel your abs working hard. For one set I do 25 repetitions of the movement.

4 Sets of Planks
1 Normal Plank
1 Side Plank on each side
1 Normal Plank
Hold each one for 90seconds

Stretching Session to End
Cyclists often shirk stretching, but I actually find that it can help to avoid pulled muscles and injuries, especially in cold winter conditions.
Here are a selection of Stretches that I typically do at the end of a session: [Link]


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