Review: dhb Pace Roubaix Knee Warmers

Arm warmers, Leg warmers and Knee warmers are useful pieces of kit. You can convert your nice pair of bib-shorts into long-legs for the winter, or your favourite jersey can be used on colder days as well.

In my cycling wardrobe I already have some Altura Leg Warmers and some dhb Arm Warmers, both of which are serving me well. However, for Christmas last year there was a new addition; this very reasonably priced set of dhb Pace Roubaix Knee Warmers from Wiggle. Having worn them for the first time on yesterday's Sunday ride, I have to say they are a great bit of kit and extremely well made.

The first thing that you notice before putting them on is their contoured fit; unlike my arm or leg warmers, which are simple 'tubes' of fabric with one stitch-line, these have contoured stitching to fit the knee joint. It makes a massive difference, both to comfort and flexibility. I had no problem with irritating material build-up behind the knee, or of the embarrassing 'slipping-down-the-leg', which leaves a bit of bare thigh exposed to the elements!

The inside fabric is a warm and comfortable micro fleece which is soft on the skin and non-irritant. The upper gel 'grippers' are both on the inside and outside, further overcoming the slipping problem; and the elasticated material bands at the top of the legs are wide and flat, so they don't cause any unsightly and potentially uncomfortable bulges under your shorts.

Other useful features are the reflective tabs on the outside of the legs, which in my experience really increase visibility from behind, as they create a moving target for the pursuing driver to notice.

Overall they are a very comfortable, affordable and well made bit of kit; well worth the investment for around £15. They are perfect for those days when it is too hot for long legs, and/or you might want the option of converting to shorts half-way through the ride.

Available Exclusively at Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)


  1. I have a pair of these and agree that they are a really great bit of kit.......



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