Photo Blog: Steel Frame Rebuild

So the rebuild is complete. 
Below is a picture of what the bike used to look like, and then below that what it now looks like, with all the shiny new bits and refurbished frame. 
See if you can spot all the differences. I count more than ten changes, post your list in the comments section below and I'll see if anyone can spot all the differences!


  1. You removed the Peugeot sticker on the downtube! Sad. Other than that, Rapanui sticker. Minus one bottle cage. New SAddle. Threadless headset and new bars/stem. New brakes. Errm the front wheel is on the correct way round!? New chain ring.

    Why the change in headset? Doesn't look so retro anymore

  2. Neil - thebaldbikebuilder28 June 2012 at 16:43

    New chainset (or chainrings and one key release crank bolts), new stem (a-head), new saddle, new bars, new brakes, lost the computer, removed the down tube sticker, new top tube sticker, new bar tape, front skewer in the right way round,no rack, minus one bottle cage.
    New Lezyne pump mount under the bottle cage.

    Looks good, nice to see another supporter of steel.

  3. Reckon you two got them all between you:
    - New Chainrings on outer and middle
    - No Rack
    - New Brooks Saddle
    - Removed some stickers as they were peeling off and looking scabby
    - New Stem and Bars (and quill converter) - I lost the Quill stem Alex because they flex like crazy and never clamp that well on the bars. I also wanted flat top bars for touring, it's nice to be able to lay down on the tops when cruising on the flat on a 100+ mile ride, to take the pressure off the hands a bit.
    - Lost the computer - that stopped working somewhere in the Pyrenees at the top of the Col d'Aubisque - didn't like the thick fog.
    - Lezyne Pump mount (see my review - love those pumps)
    - Rapanui Top Tube Sticker - hopefully one of our team sponsors for next year
    - Missing a bottle cage - got to find a way of remounting that without cable ties so it looks neater (no bottle bosses)
    - Skewer in the right way round (I never actually realised this for the whole of my France trip it seems) :-/
    - New Dual Pivot Brakes (Single pivot are terrible, and you need a good bit of stopping power on alpine descents with a fully loaded rack)

    Think that's everything ;-)

  4. Hi Tim..
    Great to see that you have chosen a Brooks Swift for the bike.....I've been using one on my Tifosi for the past year.. nice saddle but it took longer to break in than the Brooks Team Pro on my tourer.
    I also have the Miche Performance budget brakes on the Tifosi but I wasn't happy with their stopping power....improved dramatically by fitting Swiss Stop green pads. Cost almost what the brakes cost but well worth it for the stopping power improvment.



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