Ride Stats: June 2013

  • More hours this month on the bike than in any other that I have recorded; helped in no small part by the South Downs Way Challenge I am sure.
  • Mileage is just slightly below my all time record that I set last December (with the help of the Festive 500). However, a significant number of my rides this month have been off-road, which obviously reduces the number of miles compared to on-road; considering this fact I reckon this has probably been my biggest month on the bike to date.
  • Racing results have been rather mixed; all my races have been at an E.1.2. level in June, and I have had two top ten results, this is satisfying in itself. I also managed to race competitively in an 86 mile E.1.2 road race this week, though I didn't produce a commendable result from the event.
  • Average speed is fairly high, especially considering the off-road rides
  • Average heart rate is fairly similar to most months, although it should be noted that this average derives from a mix of normal rides, some very high intensity race readings, and some very gentle recovery rides.
  • Overall, a pretty satisfying month. Bring on July, and Le Tour!


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