Review: Embers Merino Duotone SS Base Layer

Regular readers of the blog will know that I'm a big fan of merino wool base layers. They keep you cool and dry in the summer, and they keep you warm and dry in the winter. Merino wool has outstanding capabilities at regulating body temperature across a wide range of weather conditions; absorbing moisture, it leaves your skin feeling dry and warm even when the base layer itself may be soaked. 

Embers Merino is a small British firm based in Derbyshire, they produce a wide range of merino clothing from base layers to socks, hats and even underwear. Their range uses luxurious quality merino wool from New Zealand rams and is designed to ensure maximum comfort with natural materials for all outdoor pursuits.

A short sleeved base layer can be the only one you need all year; wear it under a short sleeved jersey in the summer, and pair it with arm warmers under a long sleeved jersey in the winter. With that in mind, it is worth making sure you have a good quality and comfortable one if you are going to be using it day-in day-out.

The Duotone SS Merino Base Layer from Embers certainly falls into the high quality, well made category. It fits very well and is true to size, it is a good thickness to ensure you can wear it all year round and it looks smart enough that you could even wear it on its own for outdoor pursuits.

Merino wool garments are only as good as the quality of the wool that they are made from, therefore cheaper merino won't show that many of the benefits that can be gained from the (super) natural material. However, the Embers Merino tops seem to be made of very much a high quality fibre. A good test is how well they wash, and how soft they feel against the skin; this short sleeved base layer has been great in both of those regards.

If you need a short sleeved base layer that you really can wear everyday (merino also has the advantage that is "absorbs" odours as well, so doesn't need washing so frequently), then this is a great one to opt for. At £42 RRP it represents good value for a top that will see hundreds of hours of service; be it on the bike, walking, running, skiing or sailing. 
Invest in some merino this winter.  

To check out the full range from Embers: (Link)


  1. Really nice & well put together stuff I picked up their half zip jersey and a nice little beanie on discount at Thornbrdge Peak District Cycling Festival a couple of months ago. It's almost too nice for cycling in and I wear them all the time . Have you come across Torm cc Tim ? They have some nice Sportwool gear , their base layer is good value at £20 , they have Rapha esque type look, I think they might of even had to change their look because of a threat to sue, not bad stuff for the money though.

    1. Hi David, yes I've heard of Torm CC, in fact I reviewed the very base layer you are talking about back at Easter:

  2. Lol after I had posted the comment it dawned on me that I was sure I had read a review on the base layer & arm warmers somewhere and had niggling feeling it was on your blog , I shall do better research in the future ;-)


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