Review: Dual Eyewear V-8W Sunglasses

I'm fortunate enough not to need reading glasses... yet. However, I know plenty of riders who do, and encounter difficulties seeing their computers and reading maps. The Dual Eyewear range is designed for those that need a bit of magnification for reading, but are fine viewing objects (and roads) at a distance.

The glasses look like normal sunglasses, and for the most part they are, the difference is that they have a small insert on the inside corner of each lens, which allows a level of magnification when you look through that area. The magnification can vary from 1.5x to 2.5x depending on the model you choose.

Wearing the glasses feels just like a normal set of reasonably priced sunglasses; they feel sturdy, have a strong plastic construction and wrap around the face well. The only difference is that when you glance down you suddenly have a magnified view of your computer and cockpit. 

There is a slight interface blur between the magnified panel and the normal lens, however this is likely inevitable in glasses that use this "dual" lense technology. Considering the benefit you stand to gain for being able to see your computer and other devices better, the interference is acceptable.

I passed these glasses onto a riding buddy who normally wears reading glasses, and he found the improvement in visibility beneficial; saying that it reduced the time squinting at a computer screen, and therefore increasing the time that you could be focused on the road or trails ahead. 

If you wear reading glasses and struggle, these are definitely worth a look.

Dual Eyewear is available from Wiggle Bike Shop (Link)


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