Review: Sugru Self-Setting Rubber

Self-setting rubber... What could that be used for? That's what I thought when a few packets of Sugru turned up for testing. Well, it turns out they can be used for rather a lot in the world of bikes...

Sugru is the brain child of a material scientist named Jane. She decided that she wanted to "hack" many of her existing tools and utensils to make them better and more comfortable to use. The first compound used sawdust and silicone chalk; it's come a long way since then and now uses a silicone based compound that dries solid when exposed to air for 24 hours.

Sugru is the irish word for "play". So, I set about finding inventive uses for the stuff.

The first came pretty quick when I broke the quarter turn mount on my Mio GPS unit. I decided that for daily use these mounts are fundamentally flawed, and have a limited lifespan; so, as I had one spare, I decided to "hack" a Hope Tech QR light mount onto the computer. It isn't pretty but it works, and has kept working for the last five months...
I must admit, I intended to use black coloured Sugru, but I misread the packet
It's not pretty, but it seems to work!

The next use came when I crashed back in June. I damaged the tail piece on a very good Kask helmet, and whilst the rest of the helmet was fine, it looked a bit pants with the rear delaminating. So, I Sugru'ed it. Not a bad result...
Firmly stuck back in place. No marks for style, but for getting something usable again it's great.
So Sugru is a lot of fun to play with; you just mould it into shape and then let it set. It seems to stick to pretty much anything, and works extremely well at bonding things together. Whether you want to fix a waterproof jacket, fit a light mount to an aero seat post, repair a broken tool handle or sturdy a light cable that has been bent too many times... this stuff has an infinite number of uses. Rather cool.

You can buy Sugru from (Link)


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