Review: Club Ride Apparel Switch Jersey and Worx Trouser

Club Ride Apparel is an American brand from Sun Valley, Idaho. Its ethos is that it wants to provide apparel for everything from an epic ride on the road or trail, to the short trip down to the pub or market. Everyone can be part of the club and enjoy riding their bike.

The Club Ride range is divided into three sub-ranges: there is the Sun Valley range, which utilises technical fabrics and high performance designs to keep you in comfort on all day trail riding sessions. Second, there is the Open Road collection, which utilises similar technologies for road riding. Third, there is the Sub5 range, which is a more relaxed take on cycle apparel, made for short rides of less than five miles when you can still benefit from technical fabrics and cuts, but want to be able to wear the clothing in everyday life as well.

The Worx Trouser and Switch Jersey both come from the Sub5 set: designed to look smart, but also function very well as pieces of cycling apparel. I've been testing them out on and off the bike for the last month.

Club Ride Worx Trouser

The Worx Trouser is made of Club Ride's StretchRide7 fabric; a combination of nylon, polyester and spandex. The fabric mix holds a number of significant advantages for a pair of riding trousers. First, it means that the trousers can stretch to the contours of your legs as you ride, making them more comfortable. Second, it is coated in a DWR waterproofing, so it brushes of showers and road spray with no problem. Third (probably the most important attribute), it looks fairly normal; it has a bit of a shiny surface to it at first, but essentially these look like a normal pair of trousers, just like they are meant to.

It's not just the fabric that has been adapted to make these more comfortable for riding in though, so too has the cut. The waist is low cut at the front and high at the back, so that it doesn't cut into your stomach whilst riding, but also doesn't leave your lower back (and backside) on display to following traffic. The lower legs are "cycle slim" so they don't interfere with the chain, and the crotch is high cut to avoid uncomfortable bunching around the saddle. Quite clearly a pair of trousers cut for someone that rides a bike.

The Worx Trouser is abundant with cycle specific features too. On the leg there is a smart phone pocket, with a cable hole, so that you can keep your phone safely zippered away, without the risk of sitting on it. There is reflective detailing on the belt loops, inside drive-side leg and pockets as well; a subtle safety feature.

I must admit, when I first put on the Worx Trouser I thought they are were a bit shiny, polyester made and not that interesting. However, over time, I've grown to like them. Their lightweight fabric is comfortable and fast drying, their fit is superb for a skinny cyclist's legs, and their innovative pocketing and reflective details are a good bonus to have when you're racing around town.

Overall, a smart pair of trousers that work well on and off the bike.

Club Ride Switch Jersey

The Switch Jersey is a comfortable, smart and practical top. It has proven to be a very useful piece of kit.

The jersey is made of Club Ride's RideXDry fabric, a material made from recycled PET bottles. It has a soft and stretchy feel to it, and sits comfortably against the body without being at all restrictive or clingy.

Despite its relatively thin profile, the fabric has proven good at enduring multiple wash cycles, and it has held up against the abrasion and dirt that bike riding throws at it.

The fit is looser than a jersey, and more like a t-shirt style. I have a size small, and it is a comfortable level of tightness, and not so tight that it looks too much like a cycling top. The polo-style zippered collar also adds a touch of smart-casual to this practical-orientated top.

On the riding side of things, the Switch jersey has a large zippered rear pocket that is ideal for phones or keys, and it has a number of small reflective details throughout, which should help when riding in traffic.

This is quite different from many other "casual cycling tops" that I've tried, and it is indeed more a "jersey" than a t-shirt in my mind. It's extremely comfortable though, and looks smart enough to be worn around the office. A great top to have in your wardrobe for when you're dashing around town.

View the Club Ride range here (Link)


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