Hints and Tips: Cold Weather Cycle Clothing Accessories

Winter riding is when good kit really plays a part; not just in ensuring your comfort, but also making sure you have the continued ability to get out and explore on your bike. Cold extremities, whether it be numb fingers or frost bitten toes, are a potential game-stopper. Luckily though, with the advances in kit technology in the last few years, there are solutions to keep you riding for hours and hours, even in sub-zero temperatures.

My chosen kit for my feet and hands comes from Danish brand GripGrab; this kit is quite easily the best protection for your extremities that I’ve found. In this blog, I consider some of my go-to accessories, which get used time and time again in the cold months of winter.

GripGrab Hammerhead Overshoes

Easily my favourite overshoes on the market, and I think I've got most of the Isle of Wight team loving them now too; the GripGrab Hammerhead is a superb combination of waterproofing, windproofing and thermal insulation. They're made of a coated 3mm neoprene, with Kevlar patches on high wear areas, and a high cut around the ankle to give added protection. They provide a superb level of protection from the elements.

If you really want to move things to the next level, GripGrab also do their Arctic overshoes, which are 4mm thick fleece-lined booties. They will keep even the most ice-block tending feet warm in sub-zero temperatures. I'll post a review of these at a later date, when I've had a chance to test them more.

GripGrab Winter Socks

Combine a set of wool blend socks with your winter overshoes, and you'll keep your feet warmer for longer. The GripGrab Winter Sock uses a combination of Merino wool and polyester, to provide a great balance between warmth and durability. There are thicker areas at the toes, to keep them toasty and to avoid chilly holes developing with wear. The added benefit of wool is that it stays warm even when a bit damp with road spray or perspiration. Combine these with the Arctic overshoes and you've got a seriously warm package.

GripGrab Polaris Gloves

There is no doubt that the Polaris Gloves from GripGrab are quite a pricey option, at around £70 a pair; but if you want the best protection for your hands, then these are well worth considering. They are fully wind and waterproof, yet extremely breathable at the same time. The palms have silicone grippers, so you have a firm hold on the bars even when it's wet, and there is a 4mm DoctorGel pad to help avoid the road buzz during the rough winter miles. A velcro strap is always a good feature on winter gloves too, and allows you to fully seal them around the sleeves of your winter jacket. These are in constant use for me during the winter months.

GripGrab HeadGlove Thermo

Another area that is worth sealing up, is the collar of your winter jacket. Letting wind chill seep onto your chest is a bad idea for many reasons; wearing a neck tube can help to keep out the cold. The GripGrab HeadGlove Thermo is the ultimate winter snood; the addition of a micro fleece lower rim provides additional insulation, whilst the super long length of the Lycra upper, means that you can pull it right up underneath your helmet for added insulation.

GripGrab Aviator Cap

The final piece to the protective puzzle is making sure you keep the cold off your cranium, and the GripGrab Aviator Cap provides some great protection for your head, ears and upper neck. More than just your normal skull cap; this is a fleece lined, low-cut protective layer, with added wind protection on the forehead and ears. The fleece material provides a good water resistant layer, for the inevitable winter downpours, and it also means it dries quickly when it comes out of the washing machine; which is ideal, because I try to wear this on every ride in the winter! 

These products are my must-haves in the winter season; the kit that protects me from the cold, wind and rain, and keeps my extremities comfortable even after hours in the saddle. Keep yourself comfortable when you're riding in the winter months, and you'll make your training more productive, and enjoy the stunning winter scenery even more.


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