Review: SealSkinz Neoprene Halo Overshoes

How do you make a set of overshoes more interesting? They're neoprene booties that keep your toes snug and your shoes clean, right? How about adding some lights! This is a cool new product from SealSkinz.

SealSkinz first real venture into the overshoes market appears to be a good one; they've taken a traditionally fairly ordinary product, and added something new and useful. A simple battery-powered 4 lumen light, in the heel of the SealSkinz Halo booties, means they do something I've never seen in overshoes before... they act as a safety device.

It's not an overly radical idea, but it's an idea that makes a lot of sense. If you've ever ridden behind someone at night, who has reflective detailing on their shoes, you'll know even the smallest reflection shows up very well because of the speed at which your feet rotate at. Adding a powered light to your heel, could do wonders for your rear visibility.

Aside from the flashing light, SealSkinz seem to have done a good job of the rest of the design of these too. They're well made and there is a good attention to detail.

The soles have Kevlar reinforcing in key wear areas, and the rear panel of the overshoes is made of a higher stretch material to give a better fit. The zippers are a sturdy YKK design, with added reflective detailing, and the overshoes seal well around your calves with a Velcro strap and a gel elastic cuff. These are some great features, which demonstrate the care that has been put into the design.

The neoprene does a good job of keeping off the worst of the road spray, and the wrap around design keeps water from coming up from underneath too. The absence of a coating on the neoprene means they're not as windproof as some other booties on the market, but for all but the coldest conditions they work very well.

Overall, these are a great fitting, smart looking and well made set of neoprene winter booties; with the added (significant) benefit of acting as a safety measure through the little removable flashing light that sits in the rear heel. Great innovation!


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