Review: DeciBullz Mouldable Headphones

Wearing earbuds when riding is a no-no for me; it blocks out vital warning sounds and can affect your balance. There are some headphones, such as the Aftershokz Bluez 2 (recently reviewed on the blog), which do allow you to safely mix the noise of the outside world with your tunes, through clever bone conduction technology. In the main though, I wouldn't advocate using headphones whilst you ride.

That said, there is one significant exception: indoor and static training. When you're riding on the rollers or turbo trainer, it's in your interest to block out the background whirr and ambient noise. A good set of earbuds, which stay in your ear and block out the majority of the noise, can let you get on with your session without any distractions.

The DeciBullz brand was established with one objective: producing earbuds and earplugs that stay in your ear, and isolate your ear from outside noise. They do that, through custom mouldable plastic casings, which under high temperatures become malleable, and can be moulded to fit your outer ear.

Moulding is super easy. You simply remove the silicone tip from the ear bud (various sizes are available), slide off the mouldable material, and place it in a cup of just-boiled water for 5 minutes. After that time, the plastic becomes malleable; you slide it back onto the earbud, place the silicone tip back on, and fit it to your ear. Using you finger you can then gently mould the plastic into shape to ensure it is firmly held within your ear.

After the plastic has cooled (a few minutes), the material will remain in that custom moulded shape, unless you remould it with heat. The earbuds feel super secure in your ears, whether you're running or riding, and I have yet to have them fall out. The mould also acts like an ear plug, so does an effective job of keeping out outside noise; it's almost like they're noise cancelling headphones.

Sound quality is very good, and even with bass heavy dance tunes it has great clarity. The wires are flattened, so they're less prone to tangling; whilst the cable itself is a decent length, so you can stash your phone in your jersey pocket with ease. There is an inline microphone and volume control on the headphones, which allows you to accept and dismiss calls, as well as start/stop music, and adjust volume levels (very useful if you're a bit dodgy at doing hands free for too long on the rollers!). When you're not using them, you can safely stash them in the neat protective hard case that is provided with the package.

Overall, the DeciBullz have proven a great set of headphones on the turbo, and I've also pulled them into use for noisy train journeys and ferry trips. The custom moulding makes them very comfortable, secure and provides an added clarity and isolation to music. For their price (£35 RRP) they are extremely good value, and provide you with a good quality pair of headphones that are specifically suited to sport. Personalised headphones!

The DeciBullz headphones are available in the UK from (Link) 


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