GripGrab - Top Cycling Accessories For Summer 2015

For socks, overshoes, gloves, warmers and headwear, there is only one brand for me - GripGrab.

For the last two years, I've been very fortunate and grateful to be supported by the Danish brand, and their products are the only accessories I use for training and racing. They're the only products I use, because I'm keen to show my support for the brand; but also, because in all honesty, they out-perform any other products that I've come across. They are without a doubt, a market-leader for their cycling accessories.

With summer fast approaching, I thought I would showcase a few of my favourite items from the GripGrab 2015 range. These are products that I use ride-after-ride, and continue to put a smile on my face whenever I do.

GripGrab Hi-Vis Summer Socks

This year, our Team Wiggle kit went stealth. With the addition of the new logo, we also edited the kit design to reduce the orange usage on the leg bands and sleeves. The result, is a very smart set of kit, but one which doesn't really lend itself to visibility. Enter Hi-Vis accessories! The good thing about black, is that it goes with everything, so fluoro yellow socks and gloves, that used to clash with the orange, now look awesome!

The GripGrab Hi-Vis Summer Socks are one of my favourite bits of kit. They are just the right height, a beautifully soft and lightweight material, and they remain comfortable for hours and hours in the saddle. Get some colour in your life!

GripGrab Cycling Cap

May was a cold month in the UK, and I get a cold head; so a cycling cap is one of my most used accessories. It's easy to keep the chill, rain and sun off your head with a well made cotton cap. This one is just that; it washes well, and the peak is just the right size.

GripGrab Easy Rider Mitts

The Easy Rider mitts are meant to be the value option in the GripGrab line-up, but they are one of my personal favourites. The mesh back keeps your hands cool, and gives these a great fit; whilst the suede palm and DoctorGel padding gives a great feel on the bars, and lasts incredibly well. 

GripGrab SuperGel XC Long Finger Gloves

When I'm riding off-road, I really value the extra padding that the SuperGel XC gloves have. It's enough to dampen the buzz and vibration from the trails, but it doesn't feel like you've got a packet of jelly between your hands and the bars. These are also highly breathable, and offer great full-finger protection from stray brambles and brush that are hanging onto the trails. 

GripGrab Knee Warmers

I realised something when I took delivery of the new GripGrab knee warmers at the start of this year; most knee warmers are in fact far more than just knee warmers. Most knee warmers I've owned extend most of the way up your thigh, and most of the way over your calf muscle; leaving just a small gap of skin exposed between your socks and the warmer. The reality therefore, is that they are more like leg warmers. These are different...

These are knee warmers. They go from just above your short gripper, to the top of your calf muscle just below your knee. The result, is that they're far more useful than most. They fill that gap in the temperature range, when it is too hot to wear leg (or oversized knee) warmers; but, you still want something to keep the chill off your tender knee joints.

They're beautifully made too, with a really high-quality brushed backing to the fabric, and strong grippers at both ends to keep them firmly in place. Knee warmers that do just that - keep your knees protected from the cold.

GripGrab RaceAqua Overshoes

Finally, let us not forget that although it's summer, it's still *probably* going to rain a fair bit in the UK. The GripGrab Race Aqua Overshoes are probably my favourite overshoes in the GripGrab line-up; I use them for everything from damp spring/summer/autumn rides, to time trials and road racing. They fit like a glove, they look superb, they breathe nicely, and they last very well thanks to their Kevlar reinforced lowers and strong zipper.

One pair of overshoes that consistently sits at the top of my kit drawer.

These are my top products from the GripGrab summer range this year, but there are dozens more that are worth checking out. I'll try and bring a bit more insight into a few more of them next month.

View the GripGrab range at (Link)


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