Review: Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drinks

Protein is a key nutrient in any person's diet, whether they are a Pro athlete, or gentle exerciser. Protein is responsible for renewing and rejuvenating your body's muscles, skin, hair and bones; without it, we simply wouldn't be able to survive.

In a recent post, I talked about how I have made the switch to fuelling with more fat and protein, particularly on endurance rides. The change has had a notable positive impact for me, both on my energy levels, as well as on my recovery. With this in mind, and with recent research showing that most people would actually do well to reduce the sugar in their diet, in favour of more protein, it seems that products like the fresh dairy protein drinks from Upbeat, should be a great hit.

Upbeat's drinks are different from many pre-made protein drinks, which you can find on the shelves in the supermarket. They aren't packed full of sugar and preservatives, and they aren't sickeningly sweet or gloopy. Rather, they are made with fresh cow's milk, mixed with real fruit juice to add flavour and sweetness.

The low-sugar, low-calorie, high-protein result, is rather good! These taste like home-made protein smoothies, but have the convenience of being available straight off the shelf.

Whether it is as a post-ride boost, or mid-morning snack; I have enjoyed them throughout the day. With four flavours, there is plenty of variety available too.

Worth checking out at (Link)


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