Review: POC Crave Sunglasses

I have become a huge fan of POC Sports. The POC Do Blade was one of the first pairs of sunglasses to break from style tradition; bringing big lenses to sports eyewear. After reviewing the POC Do Blade AVIP glasses last year, they fast become my go-to option for road cycling.

The new POC Crave sunglasses take big lens visibility one step further; with a frame-less top section to the ultra-sized lens. They were set to be a winner, even before I started testing them…

Big lenses. Big style. Big vision.

POC could be described as having a 'marmite style'; some love their products, some not so much. I am firmly in the former camp. The Swedish company's range does away with pre-conceived ideas of how glasses and helmets should look; they have instead created a range of products that functions in the best possible way, regardless of whether they comply with current fashion trends.

The new POC Crave sunglasses are a prime example of POC bucking the trend. As far as sports sunglasses go, they certainly look different; some may not like that (I do!). However, that big lens and differentiated style, mean that they perform differently from most sunglasses, too. They actually out-perform most…

The Crave adopts a 'minimal-interference' approach: with the idea that sunglasses should only help to improve your vision, not hinder it in any way. The glasses achieve this with their large lens and frame-less top section; both designed to give maximum vision, maximum coverage and maximum protection. The big lens approach works: the increased visibility with the Crave glasses is outstanding; as is the wind, dirt and spray protection, when compared to 'traditional' size sports sunglasses.

The Crave takes the big-lens approach that I liked so much with the Do Blade, and improves upon it. By eliminating the vision-block that could come from the top edge of the frame - when looking out of the glasses in a head-down position, they have taken a great design, and made it even better. Big lenses are the future.

Crystal Clarity

Sunglasses are only as good as the lenses that are fitted to them. With the POC Crave sunglasses having such a large lens, the quality level is all the more noticeable; luckily, POC have excelled here, too.

The Swedish brand uses Carl Zeiss Cat 3 lenses in the matt black version of the Crave sunglasses that I have been testing. The optical clarity is superb; with great colour definition, glare protection and suitability to multiple light conditions. The lenses are treated with a Ripel coating, too; which means that water and mist beads-up, and rolls off the lenses, rather than sticking to them; ideal for UK riding!

Safe and Secure

Finally, it is worth mentioning how secure the Crave sunglasses feel. POC also produce trail specific versions of the Crave; which I guess is testament to the fact that they know they'll stay firmly in place on your head, wherever you ride.

They achieve their secure fit, using a grippy rubber nose piece; as well as long flexible arms, which have worked well with all helmet straps I've tested them with. In the spirit of producing great kit that aids rider safety, POC seemed to have nailed the lightweight, secure and protective eyewear option.


They've done it again. The POC Do Blade AVIP was my favourite pair of sunglasses; now, the POC Crave tops the ranks. The Swedish company has further developed an already great product, and created a new level of performance sports eyewear; the Crave undoubtedly enhances your vision, out on the road or trail.

View the POC Sunglasses range at Wiggle (Link)


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