Review: Waterfield Designs Club Cycling Pouch

My review of the Eleven Vélo Ride Pouch was the start of a great relationship; the smart leather ride wallet is now securely part of my 'Every Ride Carry', and it comes in my jersey pocket on almost every outing. It is a great way to keep all your small ride essentials and valuables together; safe and protected.

The Ride Pouch was a joint project; between Australian cycle clothing brand Eleven Vélo, and San Francisco based bag makers, WaterField Designs. It seems I wasn't the only rider to become a fan of the product either, as WaterField Designs have produced a huge number to date; all made by hand in their San Fran workshop.

With so many riders using their product, WaterField Designs started getting some great feedback from out on the road; then, as great brands do, they took on-board those constructive criticisms, and have developed their new Club Cycling Pouch.

The Club Cycling Pouch isn't a replacement for the original Ride Pouch; rather it is designed to fulfil a more simple need, and reach a new area of the market. It is a stripped back product, which comes in at a lower price point as a result.

The Ride Pouch has a clear plastic window; so that you can use your phone, while it is safely housed within. It also features internal pockets, to help organise your smaller accessories. The Club Cycling Pouch does away with these two attributes; instead you get one quality YKK zipper, which opens up to a spacious pouch, which has just a padded sleeve for your mobile, but no further pocketing. In trying to make the Club Pouch a more affordable option, these seem like two obvious areas to save on; as although the clear plastic window and internal pockets were useful on the Ride Pouch, they certainly weren't essential; especially as I almost always used to take my phone out of the case to use it, anyway.

The other significant difference between the two pouches, is that the Club Cycling Pouch is made of Ballistic Nylon, rather than leather. This is a significant cost saving; but to be honest, it is also probably also a more suitable material, especially if you are riding in frequently damp conditions; as the leather on the Ride Pouch could get a bit saturated (and a bit smelly).

The overall result of the redesign, and the creation of the new Club Cycling Pouch, is therefore something that is simplified; yet, still a product that functions perfectly for its intended use. The Waterfield Designs Cycling Club Pouch provides a robust and smart grab-bag for your ride essentials; accommodating everything from tubes, levers and CO2; through to your phone, cash and cards. It is made to last a lifetime; and it should reduce faff and frustration throughout that life.

A great place to house your kit; safe in the knowledge that is is protected, and it's not going to fly out of your pocket on the next descent. A worthwhile and affordable addition to your 'Every Ride Carry'.

View the range of bags and pouches from WaterField Designs at (Link)

A soft padded pocket inside the Waterfield Designs Club Cycling Pouch, helps protect your phone

Quality materials, and a robust zip. A great design for this cycling accessories pouch from Waterfield Designs


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