Workshop Focus: Advanced Tools - Feedback Sports Truing Stand and Unior Tools Master Wheel Building Kit

In my series of posts on Workshop Focus, I've so far considered 'Essential Workbench Tools', as well as 'Intermediate Workshop Tools'; in this post, things are getting advanced… we're talking wheel truing and building.

Over the years, I've built a pretty good arsenal of workshop tools; but a wheel building kit has been one thing that has been missing. It took me quite a while to pluck up the courage (and patience!) to have a go at wheel truing/balancing, and then wheel building; two tasks that take quite a bit of time and skill.

As with most workshop jobs though, wheel tuning is something that is far easier with good quality tools. With this in mind, I opted for the Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand, and the Master Wheel Building Kit from Unior Tools; there would be no chance of me blaming my tools for poor results! Here's a bit more detail on why I chose these two great products...

The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand

Wheel building is an art; but the Feedback Sports Truing Stand is almost a work of art, in itself. Much like the Feedback Sports Sprint Workstand (reviewed), I developed a bit of a lust for this anodised red stand, from the moment I set eyes on it. The quality, durability and performance of the products from the American Feedback brand, are second to none.

The Pro Truing Stand adopts a unique single leg design, which I haven't seen in a wheel tuning stand before; but, which has numerous advantages. The absence of a second leg, means that you can fit a huge number of wheel sizes into the Pro Stand, even with tyres fitted; there are no concerns about clearance. With the supplied adaptors for 12mm and 15mm thru-axles (20mm also available, as an add-on), this means you should be able to use the stand with any wheels in your line-up.

The measurement arm on the Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand is also pretty unique; with a huge amount of adjustment and function. The arm extends out from the stand's upright, and can be adjusted up and down on height, and in-and-out for rim/wheel width. The end of the measurement arm uses a great little spring-loaded plastic tip; so you don't damage the rim as you true the wheel - neat! If that wasn't enough, there is also a disc truing device on the adjustment arm; so you can make sure your brake discs are running true, as well as your rims.

The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand is incredibly versatile, and a real pleasure to use. You can either mount it onto the solid steel base, or mount it to the upright on any Feedback Sports work stand. Flexibility is the name of the game; helping you to ensure your wheel building and truing is as easy and as simple as possible.

The measurement arm is highly adjustable, and also features a disc truing device

Adaptors are supplied, so you can use the Feedback Pro Truing stand with any hub standard

The Unior Tools Master Wheel Building Kit

I figured that there was no point in having a universal truing stand, if I didn't have all the other tools for the job. Enter the Master Wheel Building Kit from Unior Tools…

This kit has pretty much every kind of nipple wrench, spoke tool and gauge tool that you could need for wheel truing and building. From 3.3mm to 5.5mm spoke wrenches; as well as Shimano, Mavic and DT Swiss specific tools; it should leave no nipple untouched (yep, that sounds dodgy…). There are also tools for bladed spokes, and a measurement ruler; as well as socket screwdrivers for hidden spoke nipples.

The whole collection is housed in a smart and portable plastic case, which makes it easy to store, and easier to keep track of the smaller parts. The set is the perfect partner to the Feedback Sports stand; with an equally flawless quality level, which makes it a pleasure to use.

Wheel building and truing takes patience and practice; but if you have good tools, it makes it a hell of a lot more enjoyable. The Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand and Unior Tools Master Wheel Building Kit were obvious choices for me; quality kit that is built to last, and functions superbly. Great additions to any home workshop.

View the Feedback Sports and Unior Tools ranges at (Link)

The Feedback Pro Truing Stand mounts to either the solid steel base, or to any Feedback Sports work stand

A tool for every wheel truing task. The Unior Tools Master Wheel Building Kit is superb.


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