Inspiration – The Life In The Saddle Logo and Merchandise

Life In The Saddle Merchandise
I have long had an ambition to design a logo for Life In The Saddle—an emblem that stands for adventure, travel, freedom, and life on two wheels. During the 2020 lockdown, I found the time to work with a good friend of mine to bring this insignia to life...

The classic roundel design of the logo takes inspiration from brevet badges found on historic audax rides and endurance challenges—it alludes to my passion for long distance riding and the heritage of cycling. It is a nod to inspiring events such as Paris-Brest-Paris and The Trafalgar Way.

The central image on the logo is a silhouette of a photo taken of me, on a bikepacking ride on the Isle of Wight. I was riding my Kona Private Jake with lightweight bikepacking luggage and 40c off-road tyres; a set-up that is typical for many of my cycling adventures ridden to date. The out-of-the-saddle stance and gradient of the terrain seen in the silhouette typifies my favourite kind of riding—in search of mountains and summit viewpoints.

The logo has a black and white contrast design. This was chosen because of its simplicity—bicycle riding is after all a simple and straightforward way to travel and explore—one of its greatest attractions for me.

Finally, the slogan 'Live to Ride. Ride to Live' is a strapline that holds true to Life In The Saddle in so many ways. Riding a bike is something that has allowed me to see the most amazing things: to meet new people and explore new places; and for that reason I do live for the ride. Yet, the ride itself is what creates a new level of 'life' in those experiences; bringing you closer to nature and culture, and pushing you to understand more about yourself.

Life In The Saddle is an ever evolving and self-enforcing experience: every pedal stroke allows you to live more, and to add a new element of life to your journey.

Life In The Saddle Merchandise

With the new logo created, I have begun to merchandise it in small but subtle ways.

I have had a series of custom stickers made up by —with white, clear, and hi-vis yellow backgrounds to the logo. These custom vinyl stickers are durable enough to add Life In The Saddle branding to bikes, kit, stationary, and everyday items.

I have also had custom enamel mugs designed and made. These feature the logo on high-quality racing green and navy-blue coloured custom enamel mugs—a great adventure accessory, perfect for bikepacking and outdoor trips.

If you are keen to get involved with the Life In The Saddle brand and get your hands on some stickers or a custom enamel mug, then please reach out on the Contact page.

Life In The Saddle Enamel Mugs

Live to Ride. Ride to Live.
Welcome to Life In The Saddle


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