Review - Smoove Chain Lube

What lube would you choose for a 3,000 kilometre bike tour? You're not sure what conditions you will encounter, and you definitely won't be able to wash and clean your bike regularly… I chose the South African brand Smoove Lube for the #7Countries7Passes trip.

Smoove is a dry chain lube: best applied a few hours before riding, to give it time to dry. However, unlike many dry lubes, which say they should specifically be used in "dry conditions" (suggesting they are inadequate for wet conditions), the Smoove Lube is a 'Universal Chain Lube' - suitable for all weather riding.

The lube is easy to apply, and doesn't create a 'gooey' feeling chain like some wet lubes. I applied a layer before heading out to Denmark for the start of the #7Countries7Passes, so it had plenty of time to dry.

Through the gravel of the Hansen's Cykelløb Race, the sunshine of northern Germany, and the rain and snow of Switzerland; the Smoove lube performed well. I didn't re-apply the lube until my rest day in northern Italy, and even then the chain was still running reasonably well.

Overall, I'm impressed. There aren't many chain lubes that can do 1,500 kilometres in mixed and mountainous conditions, and keep your drivetrain running silent. Smoove Lube performs, well.

Smoove Lube testing on the #7Countries7Passes


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