#7Countries7Passes Day 12 - Southern France Crossing

 Today was largely uneventful for the first part; a quick look at Avignon, was followed by hour upon hour of Provence vineyards and impressively long straight roads.

The highlight of the day in fact came towards the end, once I had passed my target stopping point, and was eating into Day 13's route.

I had grabbed a quick coffee and pastry at a local boulangerie, and then headed out into the national park north east of Beziers.

The climbing was hard, but some of the singletrack roads the route took me on where spectacular.

I should have grabbed some overnight provisions when I stopped before the park, because by the time I had descended out of it, all of the shops in the towns were closed.

Luckily, I managed to get a takeaway pizza. I then had to hunt down a wild camping spot in the dark; that took a while.

I finally set up camp - the last on of the trip.

Tomorrow, I meet up with my good friend Gus, and will stay with him overnight, before we head into the Pyrenees on Monday.


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