Review - Union Coffee Equinox and Yaya Forest Blends

There are few things that go better together than cycling and coffee. The dark rich drink provides a boost, refreshment, a break from the pedalling, and a warming comforter.

Whether enjoyed pre-ride with your porridge, mid-ride at the café stop, or during post-ride chill-out time; coffee is fuel for the ride, and fuel for the passion.

The range of coffee beans from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is sustainably and ethically sourced. Union Coffee works with its union of farmers directly, to provide them with the resources they need, a fair price for their coffee, and a reliable income for their families.

Union is also special because it small batch hand-roasts its beans. This allows for greater quality control, and overall a richer and better coffee.

The new Equinox coffee is a refreshing and fruity blend. Made as an espresso, it provides a good hit, without being overpowering. With hints of orange and dark chocolate, it smells and tastes fantastic on a chilly autumn morning.

The Yayu coffee is a medium roast blend, using beans from the Yayu forest in Ethiopia. This is wild coffee - a rare and unique kind, still created in the forests. It has a deep body to it, and hints of almond and citrus. Brewed as a slow-drip coffee, it makes for a fantastic Sunday morning drink.

Union Coffee is like a fine piece of craftsmanship on a bicycle; perhaps a Chris King headset, or a Campagnolo crank. It is rich and full-bodied, beautifully presented; but beneath that is a heritage of craftmanship and care, which shows through to those in the know.

Well worth checking out the brand's subscription service on the button below.


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