Review - Juice Lubes Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner / Degreaser

Review - Juice Lubes Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner / Degreaser
Juice Lubes produce some great bike cleaning and lubricant products. With the summer heatwave finally giving way to showers, and subsequent mud, I have been making use of the new Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner to get my drivetrain back to sparkling cleanliness.

To make the most of this powerful degreaser, I have been using it in conjunction with two of Juice Lubes' other cleaning products: the 'Scrubber From Another Mother' cleaning brush, and the 'Dirty Little Scrubber' chain cleaner.

The thing about good chain lubes, is that they are designed to 'stick like s**t' to the chain, because that way their lubrication properties last longer. The problem with that is that it requires a strong degreaser to remove the caked-on lubricant once it is time to start afresh. Luckily, the No Nonsense Dirt Juice Chain Cleaner has proven to be as strong as they come...

First I treated the chain by filling the 'Dirty Little Scrubber' up to the recommended fill line, and running the chain through the brushes by turning the pedals backwards. It soon came out sparkling clean. Next, I poured a bit of Dirt Juice into an old cut-down bottle and soaked the 'Scrubber From Another Mother' in the solution. Scrubbing the cassette, jockey wheels and chainring soon dislodged the caked-on muck, and when rinsed it left the drivetrain sparkling clean.

Even with the most dust-caked and neglected chain, this degreaser seams to be powerful enough to displace the muck. Highly recommended as a chain cleaning kit.

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Review - Juice Lubes Dirt Juice No Nonsense Chain Cleaner / Degreaser


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