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My first introduction to the Pro Bike Tool brand came with my review of their multitool and pumps earlier this year; they proved to be great quality, and fast became part of my workshop and ride pack's core arsenal. In this review I take a look at five new releases from the UK brand - Chainlink Pliers, Chain Tool, Adaptable Y-Wrench, Torque Wrench, and a Hex Key Set.

Review - Pro Bike Tool Adjustable T-Handle Torque Wrench Set

Review - Pro Bike Tool Adjustable T-Handle Torque Wrench Set
My favourite first - the Pro Bike Tool Adjustable T-Handle Torque Wrench Set. Having owned one of these, I am not sure how I ever went without one before...

Unlike most socket-set style torque wrenches, this T-handle wrench fits neatly and comfortably in the palm of your hand (and your pocket). It is simple and easy to use, and has a great quality feel to it.

The torque level is adjusted using a 6 mm hex key, and can be set to either 4 NM, 5 NM, or 6 NM. The chuck bit can be changed to be either a 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, or T25 bit; all of which are neatly stored in the handle when not in use.

For everything from seatpost and stem bolts, to disc brake calipers and jockey wheels; this allows you to safely tighten a bolt without the risk of over-tightening. A great product to add confidence to your bike building and maintenance routine.

Review - Pro Bike Tool Ball-Ended Hex Key (Allen Key) Set

Review - Pro Bike Tool Ball-Ended Hex Key (Allen Key) Set
The Pro Bike Tool 9 Piece Ball-Ended Hex Key (Allen Key) Set is a good addition to any home workshop. Made from heat-treated S2 Stainless Steel, and with a reassuringly snug fit into bolt heads, it is a great quality example of a hex key set.

Ball-ended hex keys allow you to reach bolts at difficult angles and in hard-to-reach places, such as bottle cage bolts and disc brake caliper bolts. The normal interface on the other end of the elbow allows a more secure hold, and the long handle then provides plenty of leverage.

With a full compliment of sizes from 1.5 mm to 10 mm, this should give you a strong performance whether you are removing pedals or bottom brackets, or just tightening up computer mounts.

Review - Pro Bike Tool Chain Tool (8/9/10/11 Speed)

Review - Pro Bike Tool Chain Tool (10/11/12 Speed)
A good quality chain tool is an essential bike tool for any workshop or saddlebag; the Pro Bike Kit Chain Tool is a great example of the classic tool.

The key thing with chain tools is to have a high-strength pin, which does not bend on impact with the chainlink pins. This one is made from S2 Stainless Steel, and the long lever on the handle means you can get a great punch as you push the chain pin out.

It is well made, and comfortable to use. A good example of a must-have bike tool.

Review - Pro Bike Tool Chainlink Pliers

Review - Pro Bike Tool Chainlink Pliers
If you use a quick-link or master-link on your chain, then you will know that they can be tricky to get undone. These Pro Bike Tool Masterlink Chainlink Pliers are a great workshop tool that will remove the hassle and frustration of opening stiff quick-links.

The rubber handle makes them a pleasure to use, and the strong pincers allow you to easily squeeze together the rollers of the quick-link/master-link on your chain.

A worthwhile investment to make quick-links a lot quicker to get undone.

Review - Pro Bike Tool 6-in-1 Interchangeable Y-Wrench

Review - Pro Bike Tool 6-in-1 Interchangeable Y-Wrench
A Y-wrench can make tightening bolts a lot quicker and easier, and having one in your pocket when you are doing a bike maintenance session is a great time-saver to avoid constantly swapping tools. The Pro Bike Tool 6-in-1 Interchangeable Y-Wrench means you effectively get six tools rather than the normal three on a Y-Wrench - that makes it extra useful.

To swap the bits, you simply turn them around and then slot them firmly back into the magnetic ends of the Y-wrench. You get a choice of 2, 4, 5 and 6 mm hex keys, a T25 bit, and a PH2 cross-head screwdriver. All the bits seem to be great quality, and make a good interface with the bolt heads. The tool body itself is also comfortable to use, and feels robust and strong.

A great bit of innovation to add further versatility to the already versatile Y-wrench tool.


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