Review - 361 Degrees Strata 3 Running Shoes

Review - 361 Degrees Strata 3 Running Shoes
I cannot claim to be an expert runner. Nor can I claim to be an expert on running shoes. However, I can tell you that the new Strata 3 shoes from 361 Degrees are the fastest running shoes I have worn to date.

The 361˚ Strata 3 Running Shoes are a mid-to-high mileage moderate stability trainer, designed to provide protective comfort and support mile after mile. As I launched into my New Year cross training spree, they have been an incredible asset for my feet.

These shoes are comfortable, light, springy, fast, and seem to be lasting impressively well in the tough winter conditions of January. Their strength in these areas is down to a number of design features that set them apart from the majority of running shoes on the market.

The first of these is the way that the shoe's sole is designed: with a full length QU!KFOAM midsole, and a QU!K Flex 4Foot at the front of the sole. The QU!K FOAM midsole is unique to 361 Degrees, and consists of an EVA rubber sole that is sculpted to support, cushion, and provide a natural gait position for your feet. It genuinely works — feeling more supportive, more structured, and more of a true 'wrap-around' than other trainers I have tested. The QU!K Flex fore-foot is another unique technology, and consists of a specific section on the front of the sole that is designed to provide a better toe-off experience when running — giving a notably faster feel to the shoe.

The technical lowers of the shoe are backed up by the innovative uppers. The lightweight, breathable and wrap-around mesh uppers create a harness that locks your foot in place, but doesn't feel restrictive or suffocating.

Overall, the technical development seen in the 361 Degrees Strata 3 shoes is impressive. Perhaps it is to be expected given that Jim Monahan – the director of 361 Degrees, had 20+ years at the top of Asics before he made his move to 361.

The best testament I can give to the strength of the Strata 3's performance is that on a cold, rainy January day I set a 15 kilometre PB in these, on my first run in them. They genuinely felt like rocket shoes.

The 361 Degrees brand will be a new one for many, but these are a pair of running shoes well worth checking out.

>> Find out more about the 361 Degrees running shoes range here <<

Review - 361 Degrees Strata 3 Running Shoes

Review - 361 Degrees Strata 3 Running Shoes


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