Review - Sahmurai SWORD 2.0 Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit Plugs

Sahmurai SWORD 2.0 Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit Plugs
Plugging or repairing a large hole in a tubeless bicycle tyre can be a necessity when the hole is too large for the tubeless tyre sealant to fill. The Sahmaurai SWORD 2.0 is a neat tubeless tyre reaming and plug system, which fits securely inside your handlebar ends.

In 2017, I posted a feature on 'How To Make Your Own Tubeless Plug System' . That system worked well for me, but it was not without its faults… namely, it was flimsy and broke after repeated use. Doh. The homemade creation was based on the Sahmurai SWORD design, which at the time was not available to the UK market. Now it is!

New for 2019, the Sahmurai SWORD 2.0 is an upgraded model of the original tubeless plug I tried to mimic. It is even more robust and easier to fit into the handlebar ends.

The Sahmurai SWORD is a two-part system: you use the reamer to clean out and ready the hole in the tyre; then you push the sword into the hole with a sticky plugging strip inserted. As you pull the sword back out of the hole, the sharp inner surface of the sword's eyelet cuts the plug in half and leaves it within the tyre. Spin the wheel, and the sealant will do the rest.

The system is effectively two bar end plugs—one for the reamer and one for the sword. This means the complete set can be neatly and safely stored within your handlebars; away from the risk of puncturing a tube in your saddlebag, or from dirt that can contaminate the stickiness of the plug strips.

Top Tips for the Sahmurai SWORD 2.0
  1. Cut the pack of five spare plugs in half (they are super long) so you double your number
  2. Keep one plug pre-laced into the eyelet of the sword, so it is ready to use
  3. Keep the reamer tool pushed into the wrap of spare plugs inside the bar end so you have them ready

Out on the trails this thing works faultlessly. Isle of Wight flint gashes have been filled and sealed effectively, so I can get on and ride. A can of GÜP Tubeless Sealant is also handy if you need more sealant and a quick inflation.

Solidly made, and a solid performer. The Sahmurai SWORD 2.0 is an essential bit of tubeless repair kit.

>> Available in the UK through <<

Sahmurai SWORD Tubeless Plug Review Bar End Tim Wiggins

Note the video below is for the original Sahmurai SWORD—the 2.0 looks slightly different, but usage operation is still the same.


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