Review - GUP Emergency Quick-Fix Bicycle Tyre Sealant Inflator

Review - GUP Emergency Quick-Fix Bicycle Tyre Sealant Inflator
GULP! That is the usual feeling when mid-race you look at your rear tyre and confirm the squidgy feeling... you've punctured. GUP (actually spelt GÜP) is a quick-fix sealant solution to get you back riding, fast. It is usable for tubes, tubeless, or tubular tyres.

This is one product that you hope you will never need to use in earnest, and luckily to date I haven't had to trial it in a 'race' or 'ride' situation. However, to test its performance I did deploy a can of GÜP to fix a flat on a wheelbarrow, and another to simply inflate a tubeless MTB tyre whose sealant had dried up...

Application is easy...
  1. Rest the bike against a wall or tree, and position the valve of the punctured wheel at the 12 o'clock position
  2. Unscrew the Presta valve about 3/4 of the way out (not the valve core, just the valve closing mechanism). Note: GUP also works with Schrader valves
  3. Place the can over the valve. DO NOT push can all the way up against the rim
  4. With one hand, push can up towards the rim while simultaneously pinching the yellow head and pushing down towards the can with the other hand. This is a two-hand job. DO NOT use the rim to push the head towards the can. The yellow cap should not be pushed against the rim
  5. The tyre should inflate and the sealant will be shot around the inside of the tyre or tube
  6. Spin the wheel to distribute the sealant and make sure it gets to the hole
  7. Ride on. Job done.
The sealant worked well on both my trial tyres, and sealed the holes that I expect had occurred from thorns and small flints. How well it would work for a large hole is debatable - most likely you'd need to combine it with a tubeless plug such as a Samurai Sword (coming soon to Cyclorise).

The sealant can remain happily in the tyre or tube after you've made the repair. It mixes with latex based sealants such as Stan's No Tubes, and although it will eventually cure and dry up, it will be useful during its liquid life for fixing any further potential flats.

With the popularity of disc brakes, thru-axles, and tubeless tyres, the time taken to change a puncture is often a lot longer than it used to be, because wheels and tyres are more tricky to get off. For that reason, a canister of GÜP could save minutes during a race.

There is now one of these GÜP cans strapped to the top tube of my 3T Exploro on a permanent basis. Whether it be to provide more sealant to fix a flat, to provide added air for a slow puncture, or in the event that the existing tubeless sealant dries up without me knowing. GUP could save the day.

GUP is well worth checking out; for peace of mind, and to avoid the loss of Zen caused by that always unwelcome puncture.

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Review - GUP Emergency Quick-Fix Bicycle Tyre Sealant Inflator


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