Review - Restrap Saddle Pack Bikepacking Saddlebag

Restrap Saddle Pack Saddlebag Seat Pack 4L
When Restrap launched their new Saddle Pack it was to test the possibility of designing and producing a product in the space of 24 hours. The key lay in simplicity, tried and tested fabrics, and a great knowledge of bikepacking and bicycle touring.

The Restrap Saddlepack is larger than most. It is designed to hold a lot more than just a spare tube and tools; but rather to have the capacity to hold clothing and supplies that might be required for an audax or long distance ride. It has a 4-litre volume, which is about four times that of most saddlebags. It places it somewhere in between a seat pack (like the Restrap 14 litre Bikepacking Seat Pack), and a small saddle caddy like the Lezyne Large Caddy Saddlebag.

The size is perfect for gravel adventures. It is big enough for two 29er tubes, tools and spares, and a jacket and emergency food supplies; the kind of things that become essentials on the road less travelled.

The pack mounts up without any tools or fiddly buckles. There is a single webbing strap that secures the bag to the seat rails, and joins using one of Restrap's famous magnetic clip buckles. Then there is a simple Velcro strap to secure the bag to the seatpost. The bag closure is a roll-down and clip waterproof system. It is all quite basic, but the quality materials and simple design mean it will definitely go the distance; and that is what Restrap is all about.

Whilst testing the Restrap Saddlepack I experienced very little bag swaying, annoying leg rubbing, or any other common complaint with saddlebags. The strapping system, although basic, seems to do the job very well.

I was also impressed by the waterproofing. I tested it on my CX bike in a torrential downpour, and without a mudguard it was bombarded with rear wheel spray, yet its contents remained dry. Impressive.

Overall, Restrap seem to have delivered another winning product with the Saddlepack saddlebag. It is simple, but functional and robust. Designed to allow you to go the distance.

Restrap Saddle Pack Saddlebag Seat Pack 4L

Restrap Saddle Pack Saddlebag Seat Pack 4L

Restrap Saddle Pack Saddlebag Seat Pack 4L


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