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Cannonball Coffee Company
Smooth Bore, Cannonball Blend and Maximum Charge. These are names that bring to mind naval battles and gunfire, so it seems fitting that the Cannonball Coffee Company is sponsoring this year's Trafalgar Way Ride. I was keen to try out the small batch coffee blends, and review them ahead of the big ride next month.

The Trafalgar Way is a historic route running from Falmouth in the west of England to London. It was the route ridden by a horse messenger to take news to the capital's Admiralty of Lord Nelson's death, and also of the successful defeat of the French in the Battle of Trafalgar. It is a historic path, and now the 'Ride The Trafalgar Way' cycle event commemorates the great naval victory.

Cannonball Coffee isn't intrinsically tied to the naval battles of old, but it does celebrate being British, 'ballsy', and it promises to give you a serious blast of energy. The founder of the company - Duncan, was in the Royal Artillery for 8 years, and has always been a fan of a strong brew.

The Wiltshire based start-up produces three distinct coffee blends, made from a mixture of Rwandan Robusta and Brazilian Cerrado beans.

Rwanda Robusta was for a long time considered inferior to Arabica beans, but if you hunt out the good stuff then it is provides a beautiful flavour and crema, and it contains almost twice the amount of caffeine as Arabica beans.

Brazil's Cerrado is a region in the west of Brazil, and recognised internationally as a quality growing region. Coffee from this area is typically big on body and taste; with a sweet, nutty chocolate taste.

The three blends from Cannonball Coffee contain different ratios of the two beans. The Smooth Bore blend is a more gentle mix, containing more Cerrado. The Cannonball Blend is the signature blend, with the perfect mix of both (in my opinion). Then, at the top of the scale the Maximum Charge coffee contains solely Robusta beans, for the strongest of caffeine hits.

All three of the blends are bold and aromatic, and each of them can be ordered ground into either espresso, filter, or cafetiere grinds. My favourite is the Cannonball Blend, as it delivers a notable hit with a more delicate taste. Maximum Charge is quite easily the strongest coffee that I have tasted, and is akin to some of the Spanish 'Rocket Fuel' that I have sampled on touring trips across Europe.

I am very much looking forward to a few cups of this coffee en-route along the Trafalgar Way.

If you are a coffee fanatic, and you are interested in unusual and high-quality beans, then Cannonball Coffee Company is well worth checking out -


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