Review – OKO Magic Milk and OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant

Magic Milk Hi-Fibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant Review
I am a tubeless tyre convert; on road, mountain bike, gravel, and touring bike. Yet, the hunt for the best tubeless tyre sealant continues — with all major brands having pros and cons. Over the last few months I have been testing out OKO Magic Milk and OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre Tubeless Tyre Sealant. Here is my review…

The quality of the tubeless sealant is a key component in achieving success with tubeless tyre conversions; for more tips check out my post 10 Top Tips for Tubeless Tyres.

OKO are better known for producing tractor tyre sealant, but what works on big knobbly tyres should work on bike tyres. Their OKO Magic Milk is a synthetic tubeless tyre sealant that promises to seal large holes, require less sealant, and last longer than natural latex sealants. The latest release of the OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre is a further synthetic latex sealant development; containing quick seal mixed fibres to seal even larger holes at higher pressures — ideal for road race and downhill racing tyres.

I have been testing both sealants on gravel bikes and mountain bikes, and they both seem to work well. I have encountered glass cuts and thorns during testing, and the sealant has sealed the obtrusion in the tyre with minimal delay.

My only slight criticism of the standard Magic Milk sealant is that it can take a while to cure, particularly in damp conditions; I suspect this is because it is water soluble, so does not dry as quickly in high-humidity conditions or when it can be washed out of a cut. The OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre sealant does seems to cure slightly quicker, especially with larger holes and under higher pressures.

I have been testing the sealants over a three month period, and have yet to need to top up the sealant levels; suggesting that this synthetic latex sealant does indeed have an extended lifespan over many natural latex sealants.

Testament to the quality of OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre is shown with the World Championship success of Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney of SCOTT-SRAM, the GHOST-Bikes women's team, and Bart Brentjen's downhill racing team; all of which have switched to OKO Magic Milk Hi-Fibre in the last year. The mechanics like the fact that they can tune the sealant by adding different percentages of water for specific race temperature conditions — up to 40 percent in extremely hot dry conditions. This of course does not work with most other tubeless sealants, especially natural latex brands. The sealant is also compatible with foam tyre inserts and will not eat the foam in the way that some others do.

Overall, my experience to date suggests that OKO Magic Milk seems like an excellent tubeless tyre sealant. It seals tyre cuts and obtrusions as well as other sealants I have used, whilst also lasting well. It would be a good option if you are looking for a sealant that you can 'fit and forget' with your next set of tyres.

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