Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Fillers for Cyclists 2019

Bicycle riders can be a tricky bunch to buy gifts for. This 2019 gift selection could provide some great ideas for cycling gifts. Not all of them are two-wheel specific, but all of them are fun and useful presents for a cyclist in your life.

Nite Ize Doohikey Key Chain Mini Pen-Knife

NiteIze Mini Keyring Penknife | Tim Wiggins
This great little knife clips to your keys and provides you with a compact blade for those essential tasks. Whether it is cutting cable ties on your event numbers, or unpackaging the endless supply of cycling kit and components that arrives at your door; this sharp little locking blade is a super little companion. I personally find it especially useful for trimming tubeless tyre plugs and cutting race numbers down to size.

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Smoove Universal Chain Lube

Smoove Chain Lubricant | Tim Wiggins
This is my go-to bicycle chain lube; whether riding road, gravel, or mountain bike, and whatever the conditions. It uses a unique wax-based formula that completely dries onto the chain, without leaving a sticky residue. The waxed surface results in a well lubricated and clean chain, even when riding through sun, rain, mud, and snow. Read my full review here.

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GüP Fast Inflating Emergency Tyre Sealant

GUP Tyre Sealant | Tim Wiggins
You will spot a can of GüP strapped to the frame of most of my bikes — it is my secret to getting back riding as fast as possible when a puncture strikes. The pressurised can contains a foaming latex solution, which when released into a tubeless tyre or inner tube at the valve seals up the hole or around the obtrusion, while also re-inflating the tyre. A blue can of magic — to get you rolling again fast! Read my full review here.

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Rite In The Rain Waterproof Expedition Journal and Tough Writing Pencil

RiteInTheRain Expedition Journals
If you are planning a big expedition ride in 2020, then you need one of these. There is something special about handwriting a journal at the end of the day on a multi-day ride. This journal from Rite In The Rain is printed on their patented waterproof paper, so it will not come out of your pannier a soggy mess after that inevitable downpour. It also features some useful pages for details like weather reports, expedition expenses, contact numbers, and safety information. Get a Tough Writing Pencil to accompany it and you can keep writing whatever the expedition throws your way.

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Honey Stinger Energy Bars, Gels and Chews

Honey Stinger | Tim Wiggins
The Honey Stinger range includes some of my favourite energy snacks for bike riding. Their products are simple in their ingredients, but rich in nutritional quality. Whether it is the Peanut Butter Energy Bars, the Mango Energy Gels, or the Organic Energy Chews; these products taste great and will keep you fuelled for any adventure. If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Pink Lemonade Energy Chews.

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KT Tape Kinesiology Tape

KT Tape
KT Tape were one of the first brands in the kinesiology tape industry. Since their pioneering product was introduced to physiotherapy practice it has become a well-used treatment for sprains, muscle strains, posture correction, and even to help improve blood flow to aid recovery. If you have had it correctly applied to counter any of the above problems, then you will know its value to athletic health.

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Remodeez Footwear Deodorant Inserts

Remodeez | Tim Wiggins
I readily admit that my cycling shoes sometimes stink. Anything that is left damp for long enough is a breeding ground for smell-inducing bacteria; unfortunately, damp shoes are a common occurrence on bike tours and overseas adventures. Remodeez Foot Deodorisers are natural charcoal capsules that you place inside your shoes to absorb moisture and odours. My shoe cupboard has never smelt so good.

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Tate Labs Bar Fly Race Mini Computer Mount

BarFly Mount Review | Tim Wiggins
My favoured bike computer at present is the Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt (reviewed here). The Wahoo Bolt comes with one plastic out-front aero mount; but if you have a second bike or need a replacement, then I strongly recommend the range from BarFly. The Tate Labs Bar Fly Race Mini Computer Mount is the best metal bike computer mount I have tested to date; it fits 31.4mm and 35mm handlebars without the need for an adapter, and it also uses easily changeable plastic inserts to allow you to use the mount with almost any brand of bike computer.

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I hope this selection of products provides you with some ideas for stocking fillers for cyclists, and gifts that would suit any bike rider.

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