Stocking Fillers For Cyclists 2018

For the past three years I have written quite extensive lists of stocking filler ideas for cyclists (check them out here); but this year I decided to try and narrow it down to a 'Lucky 7' picks. Here are my wheely great little gift ideas of 2018...

(1) Victorinox SwissCard Lite

After trying the Victorinox Bike Tool earlier this year I was keen to see what other gadgets the swiss brand had that would be suitable for a cyclist's jersey pocket. The SwissCard is a great little tool, which would easily slip into a rider's 'Every Ride Carry' and provide them with an extensive range of useful pocket tools: including a pen, mini knife, scissors, torch, screwdrivers, and tweezers. Of course it has the predictable faultless quality from Victorinox, which should mean that it lasts a lifetime.

>> Shop the Victorinox SwissCard Lite here <<

(2) Velopac RidePac Cyclocross

The Velopac (first reviewed on the blog here) has become my favourite ride wallet. It can carry your phone, cards, cash, and other small items like a chainlink; all in a padded and protective case. The new Cyclocross version suits my 'Gravel' style perfectly.

>> View the Velopac range at here <<

(3) Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight 5 First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. Having almost lost a fingertip to frostbite because I didn't dress and look after it properly on a bike tour, I am well aware of the importance of First Aid. These little kits from Adventure Medical Kits are perfect for bike trips and touring expeditions.

>> Shop the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight First Aid Kit here <<

(4) Nite-ize Keyring Pen and Gadget

Niteize make some innovative little keyring gadgets that are perfect for the outdoors lover. I have the INKA® 'write in all weather' pen keyring, as well as the Doohicky® key ring tool. These are great little accessories to have on your key chain to allow you to make notes and fix minor mechanicals in the wild.

>> Shop the Nite-ize Doohicky® Key Tool here <<
>> Shop the Nite-ize INKA® Pen here <<

(5) humangear GoToob+ Storage Squeeze Bottles

Seems like an odd one, no? Well I have been searching for something like these for a while; they are the ideal solution for transporting things like travel wash, shower gel, washing up liquid and sunscreen when you are bike touring or travelling. A lot more secure than most standard lotion and soap bottles, and easy to fill and clean.

>> Shop the humangear GoToob+ 3-Pack here <<

(6) OverBoard Bags Waterproof Phone Case

For really foul weather I put my phone in the OverBoard Bags Waterproof Phone Case — it means that you can still use the phone, and even the camera; but you have peace of mind that the case is completely waterproof even when submerged.

>> Shop the OverBoard Waterproof iPhone Case here <<

(7) Compressport Compression Socks

Finally, socks. Because everyone gets socks at Christmas. However, these Compressport ones are something special… I have tried the Winter Bike Socks, Oxygen Racing Socks, and Detox Recovery Socks — they are all quite exceptional at their intended use.

Some people will turn their noses up at compression wear, but this Swiss made kit from Compressport is the best on the market that I have tried to date. The muscle support and fit is superb (very important in compression wear); then those little micro-dots seem to genuinely increase airflow and circulation compared to some sweaty compression wear. Super quality Swiss socks.

>> Shop the Compressport Winter Bike Socks here <<
>> Shop the Compressport Oxygen Racing Compression Socks here <<
>> Shop the Compressport Detox Recovery Compression Socks here <<

The Joker Gift... Black Mamba Nitrile Workshop Gloves

One last idea... rubber gloves?! No, actually these are nitrile gloves, which are far stronger than normal latex or vinyl gloves. The workshop gloves from Black Mamba are my top option for keeping my hands clean when doing work on the bike. A great present, which might seem like a joke initially, but which any home mechanic will thank you for.



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