Review - Velopac RidePac Cycling Wallet

Review - Velopac RidePac Wallet
I have got a bit of a thing for wallets. The RidePac and RidePac Lite from UK brand Velopac are two of my favourite new additions to my 'Every Ride Carry'.

Those who know me will know that my Bellroy Phone Pocket is in my hand for a significant portion of the day. It houses my phone, cash, and cards; essentials for my every day life. The only downfall of the Bellroy, is that over time the leather begins to suffer with constant subjection to sweat and rear wheel spray, when it is housed in your jersey pocket. It is also an expensive piece of kit to watch deteriorate.

The RidePac from Velopac provides an alternative, at a very competitive price. For £20 for the RidePac Lite, or £32 for the RidePac original, this is a relatively low cost investment for the protection it provides to your phone and valuables.

Yes, you could use a plastic freezer bag, and it would also protect your phone from your sweaty lower back; but, it won't last very long, and it will look distinctly naff. The RidePac looks cool, and has useful internal pockets for your cards, cash and phone. Housing its contents in a smart waterproof interior.

I have repeatedly tested the RidePac in snow and rain, and the contents has remained dry. With its durable waterproof outer, it is easy to wipe clean at the end of a ride, and its contents have remained well protected in the padded interior.

Far smarter than a plastic bag, when you pull it out of your jersey pocket at the cafe stop; the Velopac RidePac is a great solution to keep all your valuables safe as your ride. It also comes in some fantastic personalised designs.

Review - Velopac RidePac Wallet
Useful organisation pockets, for phone, cash and cards

Review - Velopac RidePac Wallet
Each RidePac comes with a RideClean Hand Wipe - another essential for every ride


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