Review - Cinq Smart Power Pack II

For long distance endurance cycling, battery power often becomes a concern. Not just your personal energy 'batteries', but also power supply for your GPS unit, phone, and other devices. The Cinq Smart Power Pack II is a cycling specific power bank solution.

What makes this more suitable to cycling than other power banks on the market?


The Cinq Smart Power Pack has three adjustable charging stages: you can charge it at a very low input level, such as from a dynamo hub (using a USB adaptor like The Plug) or solar panel; but you can also rapidly charge it with a standard USB charger through the micro-USB input.

In addition to acting as a battery store, the unit can also act as a 'buffer' between a dynamo hub and a device. This means that it avoids the device you are charging constantly flicking in and out of charging mode at low dynamo speeds. This is particularly useful for power hungry devices, and Android devices that don't charge well at low power input levels.

The unit holds 12Wh, which is approximately 4 hours of discharging to a standard USB device. That is impressive, given its compact size.

Dual function as back-up light

Integrated into the Cinq Smart Power Pack II are several white and red LED lights. These are battery level indicators, but also double up as either a front flashlight or a rear bicycle light.

You can mount the power pack to your handlebars or seatpost using a silicone strap, and the light will provide output for up to 3 days (if the unit if fully charged), or 3 hours (even when fully discharged).  There is also an integrated SOS mode, which is nice for peace of mind.

Cinq are the makers of the innovative 'Plug' system, which allows you to route your dynamo hub power through a USB outlet on your stem. The Cinq Smart Power Pack II is the ideal accompanying accessory for The Plug, or simply a great robust, waterproof, and reliable power bank for shorter rides when you don't use a dynamo. 

This little unit will be accompanying me on many endurance rides in the future.


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