Review - Vel Cycling Accessories Bundle

Vel Cycling Accessories Pack
There are a few cycling accessories that I would classify as essentials: a pump, a saddlebag to house your spare tube, a water bottle and cage, and a mudguard (especially in winter). The Vel Accessories Bundle delivers all of those, in a high quality and colour-coordinated package.

I took a Vel water bottle with me on my #7Countries7Passes tour last year, because it was a stylish large volume bottle, without any offensive branding (perfect for those 'Bike Against A Wall' shots). The bottle included in this accessories pack is similarly subtle, well made, and easy to clean thanks to its large opening.

The bottle mounts up in a sturdy and smart composite bottle cage. This gloss black cage is lightweight, easy to use, and will securely hold most brands of bike bottle.

Under the bottle cage you can mount the mini-pump. This is the highlight of this cycling accessories pack, in my opinion. The black anodised finish of the metal barrel of the pump signals the high build quality, and it is light, strong, and capable of inflating up to 120 PSI. The design is one with a detachable hose, for both Presta and Schrader valves; this is my preferred pump style, as it helps to avoid valve damage.

Finally, you come to the back end of the bike: the saddlebag and saddle mounted mudguard. The saddlebag is a similar design to the likes of Ortlieb, and features a waterproof roll-down closure, with a secure quick-release clip to attach it to a saddle rail bracket. The mudguard is an Ass-Saver style plastic flap, which helps to shield your behind from a fair bit of spray.

The overall quality of the Vel Cycling Accessories bundle is high. Often with a bundle there is one item that seems to let the side down, but all of these products are similarly well made, and have performed faultlessly during testing.

At £59.99 retail price, it seems good value too, given that this quality of mini-pump from many other brands is £30 alone.

This would make a great gift for any cyclist, and provides a smart and subtle accessories set to finish off any bike build.

Vel Cycling Saddlebag

Vel Cycling Waterbottle Cage and Pump


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