Review - Hiplok FLX Lightweight Bicycle Cable Lock

Hiplok FLX Lightweight Bicycle Cable Lock
Café rides and bikepacking / bicycle touring share a similar conundrum: what to do with your bike when you are inside getting supplies? Out of sight, your bike is vulnerable to opportunists. A lightweight cable lock like the Hiplok FLX can provide the solution.

The Hiplok FLX uses a small one metre cable, housed on a spring-loaded retractable wheel inside the unit's plastic shell. A combination code is used to open and close the locking device, and it is easy to set your preferred combination using a small button on the side of the product.

The Hiplok FLX also features a 10 lumen red light, designed to be a back-up in case of emergency. You can clip the lock to a jersey pocket, and the light provides a respectable last-resort visibility aid if you are caught out later than expected on your cafe (or pub) trip.

The unit itself is not overly robust, and the braided steel cable would be no match for a set of bolt croppers. That said, this is not meant to be a high protection lock; for providing basic security for a few minutes it does the job very well.

Whether for a cafe ride, or a lightweight bike tour — the lightweight protection provided by the Hiplok FLX is ideal. The red light and jersey clip might appear gimmicky at first, but in truth a back-up light is never a bad idea; it could quite literally be a lifesaver.

A well designed and good looking little lock. This has been my choice for adventure rides like the #RoadsFromRome.

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Hiplok FLX Lightweight Bicycle Cable Lock Review

Hiplok FLX Lightweight Bicycle Cable Lock Review


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