Review - Feedback Sports Chain Keeper Device

A chain keeper is a simple but extremely useful little gadget — designed to hold your chain tight and secure during transport and servicing; avoiding unwanted paint chips to your bike's chain stays. The new Feedback Sports Chain Keeper is a great example of the must-have accessory.

I used to have a homemade chain keeper device made from a piece of plastic tube cut to the drop-out width, with a quick release skewer through the centre. It did a decent job of holding the chain taunt when washing and transporting the bike, but it looked pretty homemade and it didn't work with bolt-thru axles.

The new Feedback Sports Chain Keeper Device is a significant improvement over my homemade bodge. You mount the device to the right hand dropout of the bike by either slotting it into a quick-release style drop-out, or with a 12 mm bolt-thru axle you use the neat adapter that expands inside the recess left when you remove the axle.

Once installed, the chain keeper device holds the chain tight, but allows it to rotate freely the chain; so you can clean and service the derailleur with ease. The chain rotates far more freely than with most chain keeper devices because the unit actually has a bearing in it, so rather than just rolling over the plastic, the chain is effectively turning on a rotating wheel.

As with all Feedback Sports products that I have previously tested, the quality of the chain keeper is top level, and I expect it to last many seasons of use.

A great little accessory for home mechanics and the travelling cyclist.

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