Review – Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack Waterproof Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rack Pack 7L Rack Bag
A rack-top waterproof trunk bag is the ideal place to stash ride essentials when bicycle touring or on a cycle commute. The Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack 7L is a superb example and offers a safe and watertight carry.

Whether you a commuting, brevet event riding, or on a trans-continental bike tour; a rack top trunk bag is a great luggage solution. 

Hopefully, you have read my post 'What Is in Your Gravel Adventure Bar Bag?'—well, on my touring bike that has a pannier rack permanently fitted, I opt to carry the same selection of products (plus a lightweight windproof jacket), but in the Altura Dryline Rackpack instead of a handlebar bag.

The Altura Dryline 2.0 Rackpack is designed to be a simple but sturdy, and highly functional rack-top pannier pack.

Mounting the Altura Dryline Rackpack is easy. A base plate attaches to the pannier rack using two strong Velcro straps. The rack bag then attaches to a base plate using Velcro strips and three quick-release buckles; to allow for its quick removal and fitment. The mounting system is straightforward but secure, and the bag has stayed firmly in place during my testing—even on off-road adventures.

The 7-litre storage volume of the trunk bag comes entirely from the large main compartment (there are no side pockets like on many rack bags). The single 'compartment' set-up is used because it means all the bag's contents are within a water-tight and rigid box—safe from the elements and rear-wheel spray.

There is a little organisation within the bag, in the form of a mesh divider pocket at the back; but I have personally found it useful to use other mesh bags or small clear carrier bags to hold items within the interior—to avoid them getting lost in the depths of the trunk. Fortunately, the inside of the bag does have a nice high-visibility coloured liner that helps to find those items that might have slipped down inside.

When you come to need to carry the Dryline 2 Rackpack off-the-bike, there is a smartly designed strap that extends as a shoulder strap. This is ideal for trips into shops or the office.

Finally, to help with visibility, there are reflective elements positioned around the bag's exterior. My only real criticism of the Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack is that this could be improved upon by the addition of a rear light clip on the back-facing edge.

Overall, the Altura Dryline 2 Waterproof Rackpack is a superb example of a rack-top trunk bag. It is water-tight, sturdy, minimalist, and secure. The bag has safely housed my riding essentials on weekend adventures in all manner of weather conditions and even on rough terrain; I am sure that it will continue to be a reliable companion on many future rides.

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Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack Waterproof Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack Waterproof Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rack Pack 7L Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rack Pack 7L Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rack Pack 7L Rack Bag

Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack 7L Rack Bag

Altura provided a Altura Dryline 2 Rackpack Waterproof Rack Bag for test and review


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