Review – Reynolds ATR 2 700C Gravel Bike Carbon Wheelset

Reynolds ATR2 Gravel Bike Carbon Wheels
A set of wide-profile carbon wheels is the biggest single upgrade you will likely make to your gravel bike; saving weight, adding comfort, and improving handling. The Reynolds ATR 700C Wheels are a market-leading and pioneering product in the carbon gravel wheelset market—highlighting the notable advantages of wide carbon rims, high-quality hubs, and a wheelset composition designed specifically for gravel and off-road use.

I fitted a set of Reynolds ATR 700C Wheels to my Kona Private Jake for testing—they replaced a set of reliable alloy hoops from Stan's NoTubes (Stan's ZTR Crest Wheelset). I was eager to see what the reduced weight, improved vibration absorption, and wider rim profile could add to my gravel riding set-up.

The answer, was a lot…

Reynolds pioneered the 'super-wide' carbon rim with the original ATR wheelset. They were well ahead of their time introducing a carbon rim with a 23 mm internal width and a 32 mm external profile; add in the 40 mm aero teardrop profile, and they conceived an aerodynamic wheel specifically for wide tubeless off-road tyres.

Reynolds designed the ATR rim for gravel and off-road riding. The wider rim width allows a higher volume tyre to sit more evenly and track more efficiently on the surface it rolls over; the result is increased grip, lower rolling resistance, and greater comfort. These are three science-proven benefits of wider rims for wider tyres—but the real time benefits are obvious out on the trails as well.

The wide profile rim not only supports the tyre to a greater extent, but it also helps add strength and durability to the Reynolds ATR wheels—another key attribute for off-road riding. Despite the complete wheelset weighing in at just 1685 grams, the rims are extremely robust and tested to the highest degree of impact resistance.

Of course, the strength of the wheel and its suitability for off-road use also depends on how the rim is laced. The Reynolds ATR Wheelset uses 2x cross spoke lacing on the front and rear—with straight-pull Sapim Race spokes. The 24 spoke count and lacing pattern on both front and back is now widely accepted to be the best balance of strength, durability, and weight saving for modern off-road wheelsets.

To continue the focus on durability and off-road suitability, the heart of the Reynolds ATR 700C is a solid and reliable Reynolds hub set; featuring sealed cartridge bearings, interchangeable end caps, and a rear freehub with 36 points of engagement for instant power transmission. The silky-smooth bearings promise longevity and efficiency gains, even when faced with the grime and muck of off-road trails.

To create the ultimate gravel wheelset you need the right rims, the right spoke choice and lay-up, and a solid and reliable set of hubs at the centre. Reynolds has no doubt done this with the ATR 2 700C.

Out on the trails they feel fast—with their stiffness allowing you to accelerate quickly and feel in greater control; and their light weight reducing the effort required to get them up to speed. Your tyres feel better too—thanks to the wider rims, and there is a notable reduction in trail vibration as the carbon absorbs the surface imperfections. After over 5000 kilometres of testing, the hubs are still running smooth and silent too.

An upgrade that you will feel and enjoy on any gravel adventure bike.

Reynolds ATR Wheels Rim

Reynolds ATR Wheels

Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels

Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels

Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels

Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels Hubs

Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels

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Reynolds Wheels ATR2 Gravel Carbon Wheels

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Reynolds Wheels provided with a set of ATR2 700C Carbon Wheels for test and review


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