Review – Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light
There are some bicycle components that impress me straight out of the box—the Moon Nebula Rear Light is one such product. Beautifully made, with an impressive 200 lumen output, and an outstanding battery life; this is one of the best rear bicycle lights I have had on review to date.

The Moon Nebula has a sleek aluminium body and a featherweight profile of just 44 grams. The slimline casing holds one 50 chip LED—that has an impressive lumen output and offers particularly good side visibility.

The Nebula comes with a plethora of attachment options. First there is the Universal Strap Mount, which allows you to securely attach the rear light to any shape or diameter seat-post or seat-stay—whether oval or round. You then also get a belt clip and saddle rail mount—to supply even greater versatility.

The Nebula has four steady modes and four flashing modes—toggled between using the mode/power button. The 'memory mode' function means the light stays in your last used mode when it is powered off—so you do not need to keep scrolling through to find your preferred choice. There is also a 'safe mode' to stop the unit from turning on when you are transporting it in a bag or pannier.

On maximum fixed power (100 lumens) the Nebula's 800mAh battery will last for 1.1 hours. On maximum 'night-time' flash power (100 lumens) the unit lasts for 12 hours. Finally, on overdrive 'Daylight Flash' mode (200 lumens) the light will last for 14 hours. The last of these is arguably the most impressive—with a power level and output that should be adequate for even the longest day rides.

Recharging is quick and simply; taking just 2.5 hours using the USB charging cable.

A final noteworthy feature of the Nebula rear light is that it has a waterproof charging cable and port—ideal if you are using the light on long endurance rides and want to recharge it 'on-the-go' with a power-bank cabled from a frame or saddlebag. To further this benefit, the Nebula has an automatic fully charged cut-off system that means when it reaches full charge it does not attempt to draw any more power from a power bank or solar panel—this avoids 'trickle-drain' of your power supply, as the light only pulls charge when it needs it. This is an excellent feature when power supply is limited on long endurance rides.

The Moon Sport Nebula is a simple, sleek, and solid rear bicycle light. It impresses in every details: from battery life to power output; and mounting options to recharging capability. Whether you are endurance road cycling, bikepacking, or mountain biking; the Moon Nebula is a reliable and durable lighting solution, at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Nebula Rear Bicycle Light

Moon Sport Ltd provided with a Nebula Rear Light for test and review


  1. I've just gotten into the biking world from backpacking and have purchased a Rocky Mountain Growler. Went looking for a bike light and found this one that I really like. Seems to have a lot more features than this one?


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