Good Reads – 'Vélochef Outside Is Free' by Henrik Orre

Velochef Outside Is Free
'Outside Is Free' by Henrik Orre arrives in a waterproof pouch with a titanium spork... a hint at the theme of this latest recipe book from Vélochef—this, is food for adventure.

Henrik Orre is a Norwegian chef who was Head Chef for Team Sky Pro Cycling. His previous books 'Vélochef' and 'Vélochef in Europe' are two of my favourite recipe books; providing great insights into the nutritional science behind a professional cycling team—with fantastic ideas for performance enhancing and mouth-watering dishes that you can try at home.

'Outside Is Free' delves into Henrik's new passion... adventure cycling. With the rise of gravel bikes and back-of-beyond touring, this book is packed full of simple recipes that could be made when camping out in the wild.

The focus of 'Outside Is Free' is less on the performance approach, and more on simple, wholesome, and satisfying natural nutrition. These recipes are meals to begin and end 'epic' days in the wilderness; promising to bring warmth and comfort to far away places.

I have tried a selection of recipes from the book; including the Apple Cake, Scones, Chicken Ramen, and Chickpea Burgers. They have all been superb and very easy to follow.

Good food does not have to be difficult, and 'Outside Is Free' is all about combining simple ingredients in simple recipes—to create amazing flavours in an outdoor kitchen.

Whether you are an adventure cyclist looking for meal ideas, or simply a fan of quick and wholesome food—this is a great book to pick up. Beautifully illustrated, and with captivating narratives to explain the story behind the book, this is a bookcase and pannier bag gem.

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Vélochef Outside Is Free

Vélochef Outside Is Free

Vélochef Outside Is Free

Vélochef Outside Is Free Apple Cake


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