Book Review - 'Vélochef in Europe' by Henrik Orre

My copy of Henrik Orre's original 'Vélochef' (see my book review here) is well thumbed, and well read. I have tried dozens of the recipes from the collection; all of them have been superb, as well as easy to follow. 'Vélochef in Europe' is Henrik's sequel release, and looks into four European regions, with 80 local recipes.

Mallorca, Nice, Girona and Lombardy: four regions that are famed for their great riding, but also for their fantastic cuisine. Henrik combines both passions in this 'Vélochef in Europe'; inspiring you to experiment, and to get out and ride.

The book is set out in the four different areas, and the exploration of both the riding and cuisine that can be found in each.

Mallorca is the region that I am most familiar with, as I have visited the island on several occasions, including for the Mallorca312 and Mallorca1127. I have always loved the Mediterranean cuisine that I have been served on the island, as well as the bike riding to be had there. Being provided with the recipes to experiment with at home, and with inspirational cycling imagery from Henrik's rides, is almost as good as being back there for real.

Providing the history of the regions, 17 great rides, and 80 simple to follow recipes, 'Velochef in Europe' is both a travel and cookery book. It is a great read for any cyclist and foodie.

  • 'Vélochef in Europe' is available in the UK from

Mallorca - Goats cheese, citrus, melon and date salad

A perfect summer dish, accompanied by South Tyrolean style meats

The kind of ingredients used in the Velochef recipes are simple and wholesome

The 'Espresso Boost' is a fantastic summer afternoon refresher

I experimented with the recipes - including adding a bit of this special Muscovado sugar for added Espresso Boost!

Spicy Chicken Skewers with Potato and Olive Salad

'Velochef in Europe' is a great book for travel, cycling and culinary fans alike


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