Review – Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Road/Gravel/MTB Wheelset

Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set
The Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheelset is designed to be a go-anywhere, ride-anything set of disc brake wheels. Combining robust mid-depth aluminium rims, laced with a high spoke count onto Stan's NEO hubs; this is a strong and reliable set of wheels for mountain bike, road, and gravel riding.

I have previously tested and extensively used the Stan's NoTubes Crest S1 Wheels — both on MTB and gravel bike. The Crest has a lower profile rim, and a slightly lighter overall weight than the Grail; branded primarily as an MTB and Gravel wheelset.

The Grail S1 is branded as a do-everything wheelset. It uses the brand's slightly narrower (24.1 mm width) deeper section rim (24.5 mm depth), which are more aerodynamic and rated to a higher pressure than the Crest wheels. Consequently, the Grail wheels are deemed more suitable for road cycling as well as off-road adventures.

I set up the Stan's Grail S1 wheels with tubeless 40c tyres. This is always easy on Stan's wheels as the rim tape is pre-fitted, and the wheels come supplied with Stan's tubeless valves. Stan's BST-R rim technology means the tyre bead locks into the rim with great ease, and you normally only need a standard floor pump to fit tubeless tyres.

The immediate impression with the Grail S1 wheels is that they are built to last. With 32 spokes laced in a three-cross pattern — they deal with even the biggest hits without going out of true. The wheels also feel undeniably stiff out of the saddle, and roll very well on the smooth cartridge bearings in the Stan's NEO hubs.

The one downside of the robustness is a hefty weight — the Grail S1 Wheelset weighs close to two kilograms (1907 grams). That level of rotating weight is immediately notable, especially on a lightweight carbon gravel bike; the wheels feel slightly slow to accelerate, and unfortunately the weight seems to outweigh any aerodynamic gain from the deeper section rims.

After two months of testing, my overall opinion of the Grail S1 Wheels is a positive one. They are extremely easy to set up, maintenance free, and have withstood everything I can throw their way in terms of abusive riding on all terrains. Yes, they are weighty, but they are also a relatively low-cost wheel set at £420.

Reliability is the main selling point here. If you are looking for a set of wheels that will last for years, and keep rolling smooth and stable on any surface, then the Stan's No Tubes Grail S1 is a sure bet. Another set of great hoops from the American brand.

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Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set

Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set

Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set

Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set

Stan's NoTubes Grail S1 Wheel Set

Stan's NoTubes provided with this product for testing and review


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