Review – Feedback Sports T Handle Tool Kit

Feedback Sports T Handle Tool Kit | Tim Wiggins
If there is one tool type that should feature in every home bicycle workshop, it is a T-Handle set. This seven-piece set from USA brand Feedback Sports is faultless in its quality and design and will be a true companion for a life of bike wrenching.

The Feedback Sports T-Handle Tool Kit comprises of seven T-handle wrenches: hex keys in 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm; then a T25 TORX key wrench. This set should cover you for almost all jobs on a modern bicycle.

The complete set is housed in a professional looking TPU coated water-resistant case for easy transportation and storage; the case also has room for a few other tools that you might want to take in your must-have toolkit.

The professional level tools are made from S2 grade stainless steel, which is incredibly durable even with daily use. Feedback Sports are so confident of this quality that they offer the product with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty. Certainly, all other Feedback Sports products I have used to date have been exceptional in their build level.

Whether you are torqueing up pedals using the long arm leverage, or gently tweaking adjustment bolts on derailleurs using the T head of the tools; these T-handle wrenches will fit any job that you need to do on a bike.

The complete set is quite a price at £130 for the case and tools; but with bike tools you really do get what you pay for, and the quality and build of these should mean that they last a lifetime.

An invaluable asset to any rider. Do not risk your bike's bolts with cheap tools.

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Feedback Sports T Handle Tool Kit | Tim Wiggins

Feedback Sports T Handle Tool Kit | Tim Wiggins

Feedback Sports T Handle Tool Kit | Tim Wiggins

Feedback Sports provided with this product for testing and review


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