Review – Pro Bike Tool Universal Bike Wall Mount

Review Pro Bike Tool Universal Bike Wall Mount
Hanging your bike by its top tube against a wall is a safe and secure way to store it; freeing up floor space and reducing the risk of it being knocked or falling over. The Universal Bike Wall Mount from Pro Bike Tool is one of the most innovative and effective bike wall storage solutions that I have come across.

The simple and highly adjustable design of the Pro Bike Tool Universal Bike Wall Mount is capable of accommodating road, cyclocross, mountain bike or hybrid bikes. This is something that does not hold true for a number of bike wall rack designs.

The Pro Bike Tool design is based on two pivoting arms, which can be adjusted in span to accommodate different lengths of top tube. Two TPR plastic cradles on the ends of these arms then hold the frame in a secure but gentle rest.

To allow the rack to accommodate different handlebar widths the arm cradle unit can be moved in or out from the wall by varying degrees; so you can set it to a depth that keeps the handlebars tucked in as close as possible to the wall. You also get an elastic strap to keep the front wheel pointing straight, so to avoid the front tyre scuffing the wall in the event of the handlebars rotating on the rack.

The rack is made from strong painted steel and uses stainless steel components throughout. It has a strong and robust feel promising many years of reliable service even with outdoor placement.

I tested the Pro Bike Tool rack by temporarily fitting it to a strong wooden pillar. It was simple to attach, and felt solid and stable (note: photos in this review are from Pro Bike Tool, not my own, for illustration purposes)

Overall, this rack is quick and easy to install, and cleverly designed. The Pro Bike Tool Universal Wall Bike Mount would be a smart choice for mounting any bike in your home or office.

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Review Pro Bike Tool Universal Bike Wall Mount

Review Pro Bike Tool Universal Bike Wall Mount

Pro Bike Tool provided with this product for testing and review


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