Review – Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Belt and Bag

Review Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Belt Bag
The Felvarrom brand – meaning "I will stitch it up" – was set up in 2008; collecting used bicycle parts and materials to be cleaned-up and re-used into some great fashion accessories. I have been testing out a signature Felvarrom PUNCTURED Recycled Inner-tube Belt, and their INTUBAG Reclaimed Inner Tube Bag.

The Felvarrom brand is all about the environment—making changes to re-use and reconsider what we might label as waste. All the materials are sustainably sourced and cleaned using environmentally friendly methods; the products are then formed from the useful components and the remaining residue is recycled. The Felvarrom products subtly brand you as a cyclist, and an eco-conscious individual.

Felvarrom 'Punctured' Inner Tube Belt Review

The Felvarrom 'Punctured' Inner Tube Belt is their signature product. Coming in 14 varied colour combinations and arriving in its own recycled inner tube pouch—the belt is made from hand-sewn bicycle inner tubes and uses a robust stainless-steel clamp buckle.

The construction of the belt is a thing of beauty, and a real work of craftsmanship. I have thrown out more inner tubes than I can count, and had not considered how versatile the natural rubber material is; it is robust, durable, non-marking, and has a subtle amount of stretch in it—all characteristics that make for the perfect belt material (and indeed similar characteristics to leather).

The Felvarrom belt is branded as 'vegan', because it uses only natural and manufactured materials that do not draw upon animal resources. I am not vegan, but I appreciate the advantages of a belt made from rubber, linen, and stainless steel—especially when they are sourced sustainably.

These belts, handmade in Hungary, are a great gift idea for cyclists.

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Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Belt

Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Belt

Felvarrom INTUBAG Reclaimed Inner Tube Bag Review

I have a thing for bags and pouches—probably relating to my habit/fear of losing small valuable items out of pockets and bags. The Felvarrom INTUBAG Inner Tube Bag (Medium size) is the ideal pouch to use for a weekend wash-kit bag, or to carry a small number of tools and small valuable within a larger holdall.

The INTUBAG is made from reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, with a soft linen lining, and a zip puller made from an up-cycled bike tube valve. The product has the same quality durable feel as the Felvarrom belt and has put up with a lot of use and abuse during testing.

Whether you are looking to transport chargers, toiletries, tools, or stationary—this is a great little clutch bag, which will hold your belongings safely within a water-resistant capsule.

Another great product from Hungary, and a superb introduction to a small scale brand doing great work to recycle and up-cycle the 'disposable' components of bicycles.

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Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Pouch

Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Pouch

Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Pouch

Felvarrom provided with the Punctured Belt and Tube Bag for testing and review


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