Review – Juice Lubes SpongeJob CleanParts Sponge Pack

Juice Lubes SpongeJob CleanParts Sponge Pack
It is a sponge... okay? Well, not all sponges were made equal. The SpongeJob CleanParts sponge and sponge cloth, from UK brand Juice Lubes, is a darn good sponge (set).

Super soft and super squidgy; the circular sponge is great for cleaning off the frame of a bike. The sponge cloth is then ideal for those hard to reach places; such as behind brakes and underneath cables.

It is hard to get excited about a sponge, but these are exceptionally good sponges. They also last a lot longer than your standard big yellow car washing sponge. 

Well worth adding to your autumnal cleaning arsenal...

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