Inspiration – 'Choose Cycling'

Tim Wiggins Bikepacking

Choose cycling. Choose to ride. Choose to train. Choose to explore.
Choose road, mountain, cyclocross, touring, and gravel. 
Choose a jersey and shorts in matching colours. 
Choose the awkward tan lines and chain oil tattoos. 
Choose sunrise ride outs and multi-day epics. 
Choose to adventure beyond. 
Choose the mountains, the coast, and everything in between. 
Choose café runs, park laps, and local loops. 
Choose far-away rides and wilderness wild camps. 
Choose watching the sunset dip below the horizon with no-one else in sight. 
Choose waking up on the side of a mountain and wondering where the hell you are on a cold misty morning. 
Choose ride music: dance, trance, rock and pop—to make those million pedal revolutions feel more varied.
Choose exhaustion. 
Choose elation. 
Choose to ride with friends. 
Choose to ride alone. 
Choose how far and how fast. 
Choose freedom. 
Choose to dream, and to pedal as far as possible—you might just get there. 

Choose Life In The Saddle... Choose Cycling.

Tim Wiggins Choose Cycling

Tim Wiggins Cycling Isle of Wight


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