Review – Repente Artax GL Gravel Bike Saddle

The Artax GL saddle from Italian brand Repente is designed for the world of gravel cycling. Featuring a non-deformable reinforced carbon fibre shell and rails, as well as greater padding than a traditional road cycling saddle; this perch is made for the challenging and sometime rough terrain encountered on gravel bike adventures.

A rider on a gravel bike has a fundamentally different position that of a rider on a road racing bike; with a more upright stance and normally a less stretched out torso. The Artax GL is designed to offer better support for this position: with a squarer front, a semi-flat shape, and additional padding on the rear of the saddle to support the seat bones.

The saddle measures 275mm long and 132mm wide at the widest part; these dimensions place is in the 'short and narrow' spectrum in most saddle ranges; allowing the rider to move from side to side on the saddle with ease, pedal without incurring leg friction, while still being able to get their weight back behind the saddle with ease thanks to the shorter saddle length.

The Artax GL features an anatomical cut-out design; with the super strong carbon fibre rails supporting the holed carbon fibre shell. This design helps to relieve pressure on the perineal region and so improve comfort on long endurance rides. The rear part of the saddle has slightly more lightweight EVA foam padding than the front; for additional support and protection for the seat bones.

The cover on the saddle is made from water-resistant non-slip micro-fibre, which minimises friction while keeping you sat firmly in position.
Weighing in at just 165 grams, the Repente Artax GL is impressively light, despite its added padding and robust design. This makes it a great choice even for those looking for a high performance race saddle for their gravel bike.

Lightweight, stiff, friction-free and superbly comfortable – the Artax GL from Repente saddles has fast become one of my favourite gravel bike saddles to date. You can move around with ease when you want to, or when pushing hard on the pedals you feel supported and free to pedal with efficiency and force.

A fantastic saddle for any gravel or cross country race bike, especially on long endurance events.

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Disclaimer: Upgrade Bikes UK supplied a Repente Artax GL Gravel Bike Saddle for test and review


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